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Thank goodness. I have been trolling your site for the update since last night. There is just so much to discuss within that single hour of absurdity.



Wouldn't a Beta Jay be a BJ? Hmm...


Geez that last one was trippy.
I was almost crying at the My Life as a Covergirl spots. Wow, 80's hats much Whitney?


Was it me, or did Clark bear an uncanny resemblance to Nigel?

For the recap, pls don't forget Miss J's "Whaaaaat?!" during Joslyn's audition!

Please take note of Mr. Jay's manboobs when he's wearing the fierce silver jacket.
I lolled and I lolled hard, girlfren.


Nice. The post just listed as 'Evil' is what I get for trying to type after getting back from the gym.

Okay, my whole impression of these eps was that I felt I was watching Dateline: To Catch a Bisexual Vegan Predator. I mean, did you SEE how Elina went IN for the Clark hug once her photo was shown?

Plus, um, Samantha and Lauren Brie? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........Wake me when their segments are over.

Thank God Da Do Raun Raun Raun went home -- even with changed names I was getting confused with all the Brittanys. At least now they're narrowed down to Afro-Native American Vegas Brittany (gorgeous!) and boxing Brittany (super crazy!)

Seriously, it WAS interesting (in a Tyra-forced afterschool special kinda way) to see how (apparently - thanks, editors!) most of the girls had issues with Isis, and some of them just didn't give a rat's ass. Mckey (or is that McKey? Like Ronald gave you the McKey to his McDonald's McCastle?) Fuck it, I'ma call her Mmkay. Or Mmbop.

What? I had a point? Oh, yeah. Mmkay thought Isis was really brave and interesting, and Sheena (LOVE her) just thought she rocked for being herself.

And Nigel couldn't tell she was (hmmmmm, delicately now....) 'in transition.' Umm, did he SEE last season?

Anyhoo, Isis did take a good photo, and I hope she gets to the makeover ep, because that just might switch things up. ("I see you with a long blond weave, with magenta stripes, like Barbie!")

Looking forward to your recap of the craziness.....umm, since it just kinda compounds the crazy so we can all feel just a smidge closer to Ty Ty.


And I fully expect as the season progresses a lovely little YouTube montage of Marjorie's off-her-rocker laugh, since I expect we'll see it MANY times.


Loved the Tiffany=Stephanie video. But the best of all came in that third: the Marvita segment(s) were genius, and making Kristen into a babbling moron SO made up for casting waste-of-space Allison instead of her.

Steve Abramson

I'm lactose intolerant and I'm REALLY glad I'm on the west coast; as I was able to hear from the east coasters about the high content of cheese; it truly made me gag - this whole futuristic stuff! I can only imagine how many times they had to reshoot the girls looking "where did she go?" - models are dumb, but not... ok, maybe no reshoots were necessary.

That 3rd video I'd seen before - someone linked it over to IMDB and the Marvita/Tyra part was priceless... (anyone else keep seeing Marvita in Isis during the talking head moments?)

As far as Isis is concerned, I'm not going to go there as I've alienated enough people on line with my point of view, but c'mon - how many of us can truly see this during makeovers:
You - you get (waves her hands around wildly)
You - you get (waves her hands around wildly)
You - you get (waves her hands around wildly)
Of course all three things represent different cuts
Isis - "What is holding you back as a woman". "My penis". Well... (does the Rosemary's Baby scissors cut motion)... "GONE!" - You know Tyra's totally drooling for that moment.

And finally, Rich if you have NOT noticed this - go back and rewatch Isis 1-on-1 with Nigel. Watch Nigel TOTALLY check out Isis as he/she leaves. Never have I felt totally repulsed in all my life. I bet after Nigel found out, he went home and fucked his wife silly (and of course not up the butt, 'cause he could've just done that with Isis LOL).

Absolute creepiness, cheesiness and stupidity galore. Sounds like it's back on track

Team Sheena! Team McKey! Team Marjorie! (and a couple of others I can't think of)
And I hope Clark chokes on Satan's shit!


Oh man, there's a lot of material in those two hours. I just hope you make some gifs from the segment where Tyra fondles the computer in between discussing the girls the the Jays.

These videos creep me out yet I still love them. HOW DO YOU DO THAT?


Yo, Steve. Don't use the male pronoun when referring to Isis. That's super douchey and ig'nant.

Thanks, jerkface.


What, no comments on Whit's commercial? I've read several comments likening them to "The Hills". I just think that after past disasters like trying to make it seem like the girls are actually working and signings at Walgreens/Wal-Mart, visits to the CG factory, they went a safer route. At least as vile as Whit is, she speaks clearly and as though she's fully awake.


Did anyone else notice that Whitney looked like she'd put on a lot of weight? Whitney's commercial... Shouldn't it have been shots of Whitney trying to fit into size 2 dresses, with designers shaking their heads sadly in the background? "This is my life as a cover girl." Then maybe a shot of her looking in the mirror and wiping some ketchup off the corner of her mouth before she applies gloss.


I really hope Tyra decides to fund Isis' sex change like she put up the money for Joanie's teeth overhauling...

You know, I thought nothing would top the female general mutilation sob story, but this might just do that. What the hell will they have next? BNTM already did amputees, so Tyra's gonna have to do better than that.


Lord, have mercy, them videos was some funny shit.


LOVED the videos.......

krista, you made me spit my beer on the screen with your ketchup comment. Too fucking funny!


Please don't say never. That breaks my heart. ANTM minus FourFour recaps = pointlessness and despair.


Laurie -

You prefer he/she?


Did Clark occasionally look like a taller, not as pretty Alicia Sacramone to anyone but me?


This cycle is SO much better than the last two. I'm actually enjoying watching it again and am genuinely invested in some of the characters.

Top 3? Marjorie, Sheena and Elina.

LoveloveLOVE them!


I can't stand Clark. I also hopes she's chokes on Satan's shit. Preferably it will be a liquid death...


I can't stand Clark. I also hope she chokes on Satan's shit. Preferably it will be a liquid death...


Okay... that second clip can really only be described as ART.

As for the third clip, I can't even imagine what a horrible turn my trip would take if I watched this after taking hallucinogens. Freaky and trippy enough while sober, thankyouverymuch.

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