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September 30, 2008



First! Hilarious as always!


First! OMG never thought id be first....Rich you get better and better each week. I dread the day Top Model goes off the air because it will mean no more awesome recaps.


damn...thought i was first...oh well my day will come

Guy Deluk

Love it all. The comparison game is quite interesting. Clone Wars has begun... Among firsts, yay...


First of all, I spend every Monday/Tuesday morning procrastinating from work and refreshing my browser like a guinea pig in my eagerness to read these. I can't imagine ANTM without them. It's like the better dimension.

Secondly ... what does fourfour stand for? Have you answered this a million times? If so, I apologize, and ignore me.


The Joslyn gif honestly made me cry.


hahahah priceless!!!


How can the Marjorie/Franke comparison be so accurate, yet Franke still be so much hotter? Perhaps it's the actual talent? Discuss.


lovee this :)


Also, Sara, I'm not sure if Rich has ever actually explained why his url is what it is, but I think this post cleared it up.


Rich loves his music, y'know?



Hee. Hannah started talking "pity parties" and I KNEW that there would be a pretty party/Marjorie reference from you. Way to live up to my expectations, Rich!


Lauren Brie is getting the Katarzyna edit... pretty sure she'll be gone soon. Which means she'll actually have a chance of having a career. maybe


Totally worth the wait.
Lauren Brie's picture is too high-art for this show. Just amazing. She's gonna keep bringing it and the Tyrag's claws will come OUT. NO ONE is allowed to out-fierce the Tyrag!

You're dead on about Isis not bringing the stereotype. No Drah-mah? On ANTM? Bye. She was looking exhausted by this whole mess. She did say in an interview that it was really taxing for her because of all the shit that went down in the house, but she didn't know ClarkE was being that much of a hagling.

I think you need to go ahead and add the "In Alaska" to Icfast. That way, she has a proper Busted Model name. Icfastia. Ahhh...



i can't remember if they did one this week, but what do you think of the segments that are like, "hey, our girls really do find work!" i think last week they featured Lisa Jackson from...er...cycle 9?


The double elimination was such a bad idea. Hannah may have been annoying, but she was easily one of the most entertaining girls this cycle.


Hannah ejection from the show seemed very quick and calculated to me. It's like they caught her shooting heroin in the bathroom or blowing the camera guy, and they just wanted to get her off the show right quick.

In the runway show, while Sam worked the dress a little too...slutty, dude was acting like he could see her whole vagina hanging out there. He needed to let it go. Maybe if he had made it longer than the average t-shirt, it wouldn't have been so quick to ride up.

Lauren Brie is freaking me out. She takes wonderful photos, the best, even, but at any other time I find her worrying unattractive. She looks unformed. Like a fetus.

Nedwin Nedlington

I don't know...Butthead and Rachel do kind of have the same nose...


Jeremy Scott is a mean old twat.


This is the first cycle in The History. of. America's. Next Top. Model that they're actually getting rid of the right girls. The ones who actually did the worse jobs!


I think from now on instead of saying goodbye I'm just going to start saying "wahwaaah." Much funnier that way.


McKey's shot reminded me of those 80's nail salon window stickers!
Spot on!
Worth the wait.

The anonymoose

Whitney looks a little fudgey the whale in that last gif which is weird because she wasn't really plus sized when she was on the show as much as she was a normal average girl. It's bright and sunny outside and they have her riding a bike in a big chunky sweater because, clearly, ANTM watchers are not smart enough to fully comprehend the fact that she's the first winner that eats unless she's swathed in unflattering layers.


WHAT was the whole "you think you know, but you have no idea"? OK, Tyra, this isn't "Diary" on MTV.

Joe M

I loved how big of a cunt Jeremy Scott was - you could tell he was genuinely offended by Samantha's soiling of his masterpiece. He looked like he was about to cry at panel or, more accurately, go home and bite his pillow - Corky-style. "I hate you, Samantha! And I hate your ass-face!" Because you know those eliminated-in-episode-3-of-Project-Runway gowns weren't made for brazen hussies from California. They are glamorous. ART. I like McKey - I think she's a little too smart for this show, tho. You can tell she buys none of this shit, as opposed to Joslyn, who eats this shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lauren Brie will come in second place, you watch. The most employable model always does.

Always worth the wait, Rich!

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