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September 19, 2008



I love that you are a passionate Celine fan and don't give a shit about her music. I actually don't know any of those songs (except for that damn Titanic song which I might sing along with if I'm alone in my car and not at a stoplight-you know the rules.)

I also am thanking divine providence for your blog because my freaking cable system is having some kind of bitchfight with the local CW affiliate and may drop it meaning you will be my lifeline to all things ANTM (since you were talking about the death of irony and all it seems a natural segueway.)Expect more readers from the central Ohio-the proud home of Dominique.


I'm always so intrigued to read your posts about people like Celine because of the very thick vein of mockery that runs through each one that can sometimes be mistaken for compliments.


oh my god, i got chills reading your recap!! it was as if i was there witnessing all the pitbulls with lipstick swaying to the soundtracks of their imaginary lives.

why are you so brilliant???


Everyone I know that has seen one of her shows just raves about it so I'm not surprised by your review (a lot of my co-workers go to Vegas and were lucky enough to get tickets)

I've only sen Madison Square Gardens on tv - I think any show there would be awesome seeing as how many people they can fill that place with!


Rich, I love you and I love Celine. It all started when I was 13 years old and heard that wonder of a song, It's All Coming Back to Me Now. ;) I was hooked! When I was 14 my mom took me to a Celine concert at the Great Western Forum. I remember her running circles around the stage while covering Stayin' Alive. I even performed "Because You Loved Me" in my 8th grade talent show. Now I mostly love her for nostalgia's sake, but not seeing her show in Vegas may be one of the great regrets of my life!

Excellent post. :)


Took me a minute just to figure out who the hell that was in the pick. I'ma give it to old girl-- for her age she's damn flexible.

"People in my vicinity clapped to what they perceived was the beat of "Taking Chances,""

I nearly choked laughing that line. The picture you painted was so damn clear (also, is "Taking Chances" a clap-worthy song at all?). You've described every cutaway shot on any PBS TV concert.

Were you at the show where they bring up the Filipina girl with the big voice? I wonder if her fanbase thinks she's lil' singing baby jesus to Celine's Mary. Oh, I'ma run off to photoshop that image right bout now...



I went with my friend Monday night and instantly thought of you. I was hoping that you would be there so I can read your recap.

I so agree with you about the audience when she did the "We Will Rock You" cover. All I could think is WTF??!

As HeyHey pointed out the only thing you missed was Celine and the Filipina girl.

HeyHey you are right; everyone around me cried and swayed like we were at Devotion at Church. All that was missing were some "Amens" and "You betta sang!"

Another beautiful post!


Hi, I just wanted comment on the question about why the mother near you was by herself.

As a mother of two (although my jeans do NOT cover my navel and I don't do scrunchies) sometimes if I want to do something and can't get a sitter I have to go all by myself. It can be hard to rally other mama friends that are tired or dealing with their own family stuff. Lame, I know.

I have felt like a loser at the movies many a time, but once the theater goes dark nobody cares. Until the day the guy next to me is named Rich with a cat named Winston. Thank heavens I am in Seattle!

Carry on!

Golden or NTKTOK

I am a mother, and DO NOT wear jeans that cover my navel, and scrunchie? What's that? And guess what else.. I live in Seattle. I've probably seen you alone at the movies.. because I'm sometimes there alone as well

oh.. wait. this post was about Celine..


I go to shows/movies alone when none of my friends/family are interested. It's not sad, it's independent! Mom jeans are sad, though.

Although, as Chris mentions above, your Celine love may have started with mockery, I believe you have real admiration of her commitment to her art (and craft). It reminds of when I saw Hall and Oates at a Society of Human Resource Management conference. I went expecting a train wreck that I could mock, but instead came away with a sincere admiration for talented musicians who are committed to the music they love. Their music might not be for everyone, but no one can fault their sincerity or dedication. I have since become a fan and would pay actual money to see them.


Does anyone else think it is amazing how much Celine looks like she could be Jennifer Aniston in that picture? When I first saw it I was like "What the fuck in Jennifer Aniston doing? Yoga in sequins?"

I love, love, love Celine and her boundless dorkiness. I could listen to her faux-earnestly talk about her husband, son, career, huge family/poor up-bringing, French Canada, whatever forever.


you should check out Carl Wilson's "Let Talk About Love: A journey to the end of taste", published by 33 1/3 books. it's pretty darn amazing.


i totally thought was fergie... my jaw dropped when i realized it was celine.

i guess i need to start doing some yoga...


The idea of Celine Dion covering 'We Will Rock You' is probably one of the most absurd things I have ever heard of. And I live for absurd.


I love me my Celine Dion, and I am dork, and not afraid to show it! My heart will go on! I love her, and loved her even more after Kathy Griffin told the story of when they met..."then, I will bark like a dog for you, woof woof!"
Be free, and your heart will go on!

I am now listening to Folk Music.

If you can find me a clip from SNL's skit, make Joan Baez laugh, I would be grateful! I cannot find it on You Tube. Fuckers.



To all the people who go to the movies by themselves, GO FOR IT!
I go all the time if people are busy, sometimes I want to go by myself.


spin sycle

Y so awesome, bb??? Yours is the first gossip site I read since getting power & water back yesterday (I'm in Texas just north of Houston and we took a really hard hit from the hurricane)....you are so refreshing to read! I'm not sure why I feel so compelled to post to u about it....but your mix of LovesFuckingCheap was so awesome to listen to on my mp3 player through the whole thing! It made the bad go away! Keep the great mixes coming plz!


Yeah, Celine is kinda corny, but she has a way of giving you chills. And there's something about being surrounded by people that don't care about being corny. Awesome recap Rich, wish I coulda been there!


wait. celine covered we will rock you?



i was taken (as surprise) to one of Celine's last shows in Vega$ last december. I was so not into it execept for maybe seeing some of the magic you had put in your now infamous Celine video extravaganza.
Plus i was super hung over from the night before, we had torn the roof off after the Spice Girls show. (yes, i know)

But as my BF led us to our seats, i suddenly realized that i would be literally inches away from Celine. All i hoped was that she wouldnt talk to me or try to make me smile like everyone else in the world,

Then the lights went down and she started to come down these stairs and sing "A New Day".

Suddenly tears flowed down my face, my black heart started to melt and the next thing you know I am on my feet during "love can move mountains".

the bitch did it to me and i hate her/love her for it.

Finally, at the end with the Titanic song, my tears turned to sobs and my annoyed boyfriend wanted to take me outside, i was like "You touch me, you die!"

While i am still not a Celine fan, i am glad that i finally saw someone who can actually put on a show and keep your attention for 2 hours, Madonna cant do it, Mimi most certainly cant do it either.

Then again i still havent been to a John Mayer show!


Celine singing "We Will Rock You" is just so great. She has balls and I love her for that.
Madonna can suck it big time. I swear, grow up Madonna, nobody wants to see you dry humping your guitar. The time is over. Grow, don't go backwards.



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I also was gifted a ticket to see Celine in Boston and loved it. I have to say that her cape was the highpoint of the evening for me. I fully expected her to fly around the auditorium.


i know we're talking celine, but this line:

why Young Jeezy's latest disc reminds me so much of a drag show (in sum, since I'll never write the latter post: the desperate, sometimes sad need prove realness over an increasingly antiquated musical backdrop).

...made me laugh for 5 minutes. so, so true.

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