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Ohmygod I can't believe you went - I would kill....anyways - a friend of mine was a member of the choir that performed at Saline Screamon's wedding to her statutory-rapist husband, Rene, in Montreal (which they closed for a day) many years ago. Deb, the friend, said she was really weird.

Sarah A.

CELINE DION ISSSSS AMAZING! I had no idea you made that video, I have shown it to many a-person.

I wasn't there, but I feel you. There is something reassuringly old-school-show biz about Celine that I really admire. She probably has no idea about politics or global crises (what I would give not to recognize the name Sarah Palin), because her life's purpose and full-time preoccupation is "the show". Like Diane Warren, Celine really believes in a transformative, supernatural love. I think that's what people are connecting to when they listen to the music.


you will die of happiness watching this -

celine + rachel ray... it couldnt get much better


I would go to a Celine Dion show in a heartbeat. I don't really enjoy much of her music but there is something I quite admire about her...some sort of resilience and a sense that nothing her critics or naysayers say would affect her. It's interesting the flak that she got for doing the Vegas gig and the sort of begrudging acceptance of what she had accomplished (and earned in $) there five years later. My bf wouldn't be caught dead listening to her music yet he watched the Vegas DVD with me. She's fascinating. Without sounding cliched, she's kind of like a survivor.

Childfree Sexpot

This post further helps me appreciate the cheesetastic diva that is Celine Dion. This woman operates under NO PRETENSE whatsofucking ever. She is always herself and herself is nerdy, overly emotional, and inappropriately excited all the time.

Yet she also possesses amazing talent and an overabundance of sweeteness and compassion...all of this she wears on her sleeve.

I think I really love her.

I am so sorry I never got to see this hot bitch in Vegas dammit.



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Well.... The French have a point about obesity. And definitely about commercialism. But still, as a Halloween-loving American, I'd find it hard!

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