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first? really?

Style Bard

Thanks, Rich! This was a great one... LMAO at Samhead (which could be so, so much filthier).

I'm just sayin'...

Yeah, I guess I'll have to cancel those New Year's Eve plans of mine.... since I'm an ATHIEST.


Can I comment, even though I'm not EUROPEAN? Too bad about the jellybag, since I was hoping for a Hallmark's Maxine/Nony Tochterman comparison!

Thanks for making my Monday Rich! Love love love you.


Elina's hands were freaky! I was hoping you'd point that out. You never let me down!!


I am so over Marjorie. Her quirkiness is no longer endearing, but rather freakish. She looks like a damned freak with all the head bobbing and facial tics. Someone needs to give that girl some Klonopin.


I want a Samhead for Christmas!!

One of my students was joking about being Elina for Halloween. She wants a stuffed marmalade cat to wear on her head. My students are nuts.
She's practicing her Non-Euro-Euro-Angst, too.



You should watch 'It's always Sunny...". It is a great show, and the first three seasons are on DVD. The green man appears in season 3.


this episode was def a freakshow. Watervomit, mail passing and paulina's pigtails, and whitney's unchanging fake smile face included.


I agree --you should watch "its always sunny" it just adds to this show..bc as soon as i saw them i thought greenman! mom was intown, and i made her watch this...and watching her watch the show was even funnier, i highly recommend!

ven leones

I don't really understand why they made such a big deal out of Elina doing a holiday-themed shoot. As though every model REALLY believed in everything s/he modeled for?
Sorry, but I gotta root for the Nerd Herd. Although I am a big fan of Sheena. I'd give my left nut to be Sheenafied. No joke.


Thanks Rich.

Euro/U.S. gate was just tedious. All parties involved were twits. That said, Marj is a stealth bitch, Elina needs to do some more living and learning, Sheena will cut a bitch and Sam is a twit who talks crap about everyone, looks like my friends teenage son and can't leave my TV soon enough. I mean really, she needs to leave with her badly styled hair, questionable chin and body and funky attitude.

Color me surprised that Tyra didn't drag one of her last women of color overseas. Although, in the case of the commercials, I'd have put Sam and Marj in the bottom two and sent Sam home because she was selling something but it wasn't cosmetics with her scrunched up face and mush mouthed delivery.

None of the commercials were that great including Analeigh's who did the best but even her commercial was ruined with the overenunciation thing.

Leave it to Sheena to make an assinine comment about how Elina shouldn't do a holiday shoot because she's aethiest. She's a model and it's part of the job.

Tyra was her usual annoying, petty self. Especially, the send-off to Joslyn (and really they couldn't have edited out Joslyn's throwing-up?) and the feeling up of Nigel. I guess we should be thankful that she didn't dance before going off behind the desk for judging.

Previews for next week look pretty much like what I imagined when the locale was spoiled this summer. The girls in the red light district...yeah, you knew Tyra was going to go there.


SAMHEAD!!!! Even better than a jellybag.

Team Nerds!!

Rosetta Holmes, bananas!!!


I haven't read many of the comments for Cycle 11, but has anyone noticed and commented on the Isis/Alica Keys resemblance? (My apologies to Alicia Keys)


I'm from europe, and fuck if i know what the hell they are talking about.


Aww, I wanna be Sheenafied too!


I am fucking european and these two bitches get on my nerves like whoa! Especially the French one. So snotty and stuck up with her act of being "so shy". While Elina is trying to be "Angelina Jolie deep". Get a life whores, clearly you've been in america for longer than like 10 years so tehnically you are as much european as the last european dick you've had.Which I doubt you had any. Clearly.

Marjorie sounds just like Winona Ryder


So many favorites in this recap! Love Annaleigh's compact "Yo". And I'm glad you pointed out Elina's hands. They freaked me out, too. It totally took away from the melodrama of the moment. Tyra's "cop a feel" comment was...Ew. Poor Nigel.


loving samhead everywhere. she's my least favorite one probably.


OMG, love the "Rosetta Holmes!" American English (Yo Style)!!!

Also, it should be

"Elle EST tres nerveuse" :)


That reference to Dominique randomly throwing the word "brazilia" into her Cover Girl commercial really cracked me up. *sigh*, I always remember past cycles of ANTM as being better than the current one. Some of those girls in Dominque's cycle were a trip!

Good recap, Rich!


Awesome comments, Rich. I, too, was hoping you'd bring up Elina's hands. They were a completely different color than her face! Creepy. Speaking of creepy - when is Marjorie gonna stand up straight and not flail her arms about like busted windmills?? I actually think Marjorie's 'woe is me' thing is a big ol' act. Why is it that this cycle the judges seem to not listen to a thing Mr. Jay says during the photo shoots? Bugs me!! And what was up with that designers forehead? She looked like a Shar-Pei. And she pretty much hated every body. And Ann Shoket can shok et anytime now. I'm soooo done with her.


I love Sheena, but that did nothing to stop me from getting seriously annoyed with her this episode. I seriously think that she got the Witnesses confused with Atheists. Just because I don't believe in the silly story behind your holiday doesn't mean I don't like your parties. And I'm probably all alone in this, but I really don't like Sam. I did for the first couple episodes, but the more she talks, the more I want to hold her Samhead under a running faucet. I don't even have a good reason why, I just really don't like her.

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