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I like thinking of Saw as a kind of Starbucks of the movie world, a gory infection of consumerism that degrades from horror to camp with every subsequent film. Connecting the consumerism to the current state of the economy is the stuff of doctoral dissertations.


I've never seen Saw but that's because I like to sleep at night, and I'm a wuss when it comes to horror films.
House of Jules


Sweet fancy Moses that's a lotta Saw!
Nice Onyx reference, Rich :)


Reminds me of the lyrics from that Smiths song, Paint A Vulgar Picture:

Re-issue ! Re-package ! Re-package !
Re-evaluate the songs
Double-pack with a photograph
Extra Track (and a tacky badge)


Please let us all know how Saw was (heh, Saw spelled backwards is was).


Maybe we all like ANTM because its like the CW's version of the Saw franchise. These poor "models" have to endure all these horrific traps to stay alive and the one left standing at the end doesnt get eaten by Tyra and Miss J!

Mo Z

I was done with the Saw movies once those freaky pigs were blended up and poured on top of that judge. TWISTED! But of course, I continued watching ...


Yeah, I was wondering if you'd mention the French name for Saw, Décadence :) I never knew why they'd translate it like that, but hey, you put everything into perspective now ;)

I've never seen a Saw movie, and never will either. I'll let everyone else enjoy those 175 versions of it. Have a nice movie night :)


The original was completely different then the rest of the movies. It was more of a physiological thriller & it kept me on the edge of my seat. By the end of that movie I was gasping for air because I had hardly taken a breath thru it. But the rest of them are nothing but torture porn. I still haven't seen 4 & I don't know if I will or 5 either. They've gotten so over the top. And this is coming from someone who lists Feast as one their top favorite movies. Check it out!

One more thing, I think if anyone collects these movies to the extent like the one guy listed at the top of this post, they should be checked out by the police. We could have a sociopath on our hands there.


Like Jules, I have not seen any of the SAW films. Also like Jules, it's because sleep is one of my favorite things.

Therefore I am wondering if Jules shares my desire to keep my mental picture of Cary Elwes at Beautiful Westley Level forever, because as hot as dude is, I am firmly in denial about the whole "Georgia Rule" thing.

If so, I'd like to invite Jules to tea.


Whether or not Jules is in the same boat, I sure am. Cary Elwes is a fairly large reason why I refuse to see Saw (hee) - I don't think my poor heart can stand seeing him as he is now. He will forever stay Westley in my mind.


Ko's coming to the tea party too.
Yay for "Remember When Cary Elwes Was Sexy" tea parties!!




your a trooper for hanging in there, i didn't make it past 3.


quadrilogy? try sixtology. please wikipedia this shit to find out more details about next year's saw 6. I wish I were joking.


It's even more fun when you've already seen Saw, then you can run around saying, "I saw Saw! I saw Saw!" And everyone's like"what the fuck you talkin bout bitch?"


I missed that there was a IV and suddenly there's a V. I won't see Saw again because I saw Saw (II) and that was enough seeing of sawing, etc. for me.


i'm so glad i'm not the only one who hasn't seen this crazy shit. the ads on the subway platform are horrific enough; i can imagine the rest. and i agree that whoever owns a significant portion of this "collection" should be on some kind of killers-in-waiting watch list.


Yes, Genevieve. Because collecting movies is the exact same thing as having no conscience and no empathy. How retarded can you get?


saw is now a yearly tradition for me
i saw the midnight showing thursday
i can't wait for next year!
what's in jill's box dammit?!

i hear there are supposed to be 7... i wish there could be 100


Wow, Rich! That's quite the exhaustive compilation. I still haven't seen Saws 3 to 6 (or whatever it's up to now).

Maybe I've said it here before, but I find Jigsaw to be a worthless antagonist. The guy's such a raging hypocrite. He doesn't scare me so much as piss me off. He's like a scruffier version of Jack Thompson.

Seriously, buddy needs to just freaking die already - nobody likes a scold. His nickname should be Prig-saw.


jigsaw IS dead.


whoa...that's A LOT of fucking DVDs for the same damn movie.


Holy shit. This is much, much scarier than II, III and IV put together! (...admit it, I was FUCKING BANANAS, by which I mean I slept with my blankie the night I saw it. ...what?)

Yokosuka Cutter

I checked out after the first one, which I consider one of the worst films I've ever seen. Low budget car chase scenes, annoying characters, waxy-bloated Cary Elwes...when the SHOCKING MYSTERY of the torturer was revealed I was just "WHO!?" The success of this movie series has seriously flummoxed me.

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