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October 13, 2008



yay thanks!
i've been a-waiting :)
and i might even be first :P


Yesssss I've been waiting for this all day! :D


im first, yay!!! seriously that NEVER happens


P.S. What the hell is wrong with Marjorie's legs in the photos from the "teach"?

Thank you Rich- Indeed you think you know Top Model, but you don't know how assholey Top Model is. Love the show still :p Guy D.


Awesome as always.


How can Lauren Brie go from being friggin revered to gone? Oh Tyra...


blah called it, poor LB I bet she'll make money...
now I have to pick a new fave, but they are all unappealing in their own special ways, poor little hamsters, maybe this will finally be the year TyTy finally crowns herself
"America's next top model is... me, I see myself in me, I have all the potential in the world, I have exactly what all of you need. Now I'm going to do mlaacg commercials on a bike and bake cupcakes at the same time!"


not gonna lie, seeing sam play with the rubik's cube made me like her even more. love your updates!


did anybody else notice how tyra's outfit at the "teach" was incredibly unflattering on her?
and that she said something like "I gave her strength - her neck" or something to that extent, about McKey (which is clearly not a name). Unabashed God Complex, much?


That gif wall is equal parts hilarious and HORRIFYING.

Also, can I hope Elina's tattoo is a vegetarian thing and not an abortion thing? Pretty-party please?

And finally, for you: http://mine.icanhascheezburger.com/view.aspx?ciid=2253584


In the photo shoot "teach", I couldn't get over how much like a fat person Tyra looked in the torso - not so much the arms, but they could have dressed the boobies better. She just looked huge. No wonder the girls couldn't take her seriously.


How come Elina's tattoo is no longer in Russian? did CW translate it? Is the voice referring to a noise coming from her bellybutton?


Elina's tattoo relates to her belief in animal rights, obviously.


Do the weekly challenges and photo shoots make any difference whatsoever? I get the sense that they've already picked the winner at the start of the cycle, and then they maintain the "you think you know Top Model but you don't know Top Model" factor by eliminating the best-performing ones at completely random times.

Also, is it pronounced Anna-lee or Anally? I can't believe her parents didn't think of the teasing potential when choosing Annaleigh as their daughter's name. Kind of like Pierce Bush: politician-to-be or porn star? Is there a difference?


I'm with you, Rich: kicking Lauren Brie off was such a huge mistake. That girl had innate talent - and even though she often looked like an alien in real life, it's a trait which can (surprisingly) be quite desirable for a supermodel. I feel like this same thing has happened before (e.g. with AJ, but she was kicked off even sooner) - so I guess I'm not THAT surprised. Just angry. Thanks for your post, though!!!


AHHHHH...Now it's Monday.

Rich, I will blame my unemployment on you for making laugh out loud. Yes, I could wait until I got home, but why?


I literally laughed out loud at the Pebbles ponytail and Rubik's cube comment. Amazing.

Lauren Brie definitely shouldn't have been kicked off. Her picture wasn't good this week, and last week's was pretty blah, but still. She had three amazing pictures. But at least Sheena survives at least another week to keep the awesome factor up.


Tyra's thighs is huge!

John Taylor

The Tyra wall of gifs is amazing, and i'm sure the video would have turned out great too, thank you for guiding us in your wisdom once again

Joe M

The fact that they had Marge in a muthafucking TURBAN, like she's Gloria Swanson with a serious case of itchy crabs, made this episode for me. Few people can rock a turban like it's on sale and the rent is due tonight, Rich. Truth. That group includes terrorists, Jamba the Genie, JLo and Marge. That's about it. So, winner!

I'm not too put-out by Lauren Brie's ousting - she'll find scads of work almost immediately (your call to "see you in Models in Action" was right on), plus her personality was boring. What was she bringing to the ANTM table besides the unquestionable ability to model? Conflicted sexuality/gender identity? Mommy issues? Escaping cultural mutilation? Nothing. Just stunning photos. That's it! Boooooo!! Boo, Lauren Brie! Get the fuck out of the ANTM house and take your misplaced sense of professionalism and innate photogenic comeliness with you. Fuck off!

Also: this show is so fucking lez, it's practically wearing a strap-on.


I'm still trying to figure out how Tyra's signature pose is...her eyes. Some one please explain to me how one poses with one's eyes. I must know.

Miss Lisa

I actually really enjoyed this episode, but I may have been hormonal at the time. Yes, I'm sure I was. Au revoir, Lauren Brie. Your mannequin fall did you in. Stay strong; this one's for you:

Steve Abramson

Wow - I know I tend to have different points of view from the norm, but I can't remember a time where our opinions were so drastically different than they are now...

Analeigh - I'm calling it now - winner. Getting the winner's edit. Hell I did this whole shtick on another blog about it - I know she's not everyone's cup of tea, and that's cool - but the girl is making a major step up from nothingness, and by the end of the cycle she's going to own it.

Lauren Brie - um... ugh. Yes she took some incredible photos, but I absolutely agree with her elimination - she went from awesome to crap within 2 weeks. Seriously - her photo this week - one of the worst in ANTM history (especially that close up - belongs in an Ed Wood film) - Good riddance to translucent rubbish.

I still think this is one of the best cycles in ages - but what it more awesome. The ever present Michael Rosenthal (yo Mike, I'm still waiting for you to call!) - he even got to speak more AND be "theatric" describing L.B.'s falling in panel.

Seriously, how hard is it to portray falling? Oh yes, maybe actually FALLING might help. Is she SO dumb she couldn't even attempt the real thing? She will not be missed.



i've been f5ing this page all morning, soooo worth it!

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