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October 06, 2008


I'm just sayin'...

HAHA! The deer hoof gun rack LMAO




amazing, as per usual. youre the only reason i even watch this show anymore!


Am I seriously first? I'm a long time reader, first time commenter - love the recaps and I think this is the first time I've ever seen this space at the bottom blank ...


Hooray! Vagina arms make their return! :D


woaaa! am i really the first comment?! well i'll be damned. another great recap as usual rich. i especially liked the comparison of mckey to the nagel girl. DEAD ON. if her top model career doesn't work out at least she can get work adorning cheap hair and nail salons across the country.


I'm first! Yo!
So worth the wait. The recap, once again made my day.


I remember those Punky Brewster spots. Alas, my submission never made it on the air either. So that's where all my anger stems from . . .Good post, lame episode. The disappointment continues. I miss Isis!


So no more Clark...won't miss her, she did have awesome legs and I loved the darker hair but that was it!

I miss the challenges they used to have before judging; walking in those crazy high heels, ugly pink tube dresses and cutting t-shirts into 'awesome' club wear...they need to bring that back


HA. "I'm from crotch" was my fave. Welcome back, vagina arms.


"Just when you thought Tyra coudn't get any further up her own ass, she turns her lung into a pillow and figures she'll rest for a bit."



While I agree that it's not the end-all, be-all, the French mindset (I'm French and I think my culture is nuts) is very much focused on the negatives/things you must improve on. Taking a compliment with a "thank you" is impossible because if someone compliments you you almost feel like it's insincere. They compeltely lack the "every child is a special star" mentality that we have in the states and they harp on your faults until you correct them.

That being said she has spent enough time in the states that, like me, she's probably been hella Americanized. All I'm saying is don't play it down too much because it really is a much bigger cultural difference than most people who were born & raised here want to believe. That's why Paulina was sticking up for her.

ALL THIS ASIDE, it was still a pretty dumb thing to make an episode out of.

Stankonia-I love you, Rich.
I also kinda heart you for this too:
"Come Nov. 4, let's all play like Tyra and NOT have Palin's photo in our hands, mmmkay?"
Thank you for 'completing' my Monday ;)


Yay i love the blame game!


Strangely, I echo Christopher's sentiments. You've got at least two Chrises on your side, Rich!


I was so glad that Clark left. Seriously. When she got first call last week I was going to shit myself. Thankfully, it was just another gimmicky thing that they did, and not some sign of greater things to come.

L Fab

This episode was blander than a salt shortage in a high school cafeteria.
At least we have you to bring in the oomph!


Can I just make one tiny complaint about this show? (I'm hesitant because I don't want the omnipotent Tyra to chase me down and kill me for talking trash.)

...if Jay was willing to treat Marjorie like a marionette and POSITION her into a fierce photo, why didn't he do it for Joslyn?! At least she has a nice personality! I love how she's always laughing and never seems bitter or jaded...yet. The whole thing just makes me feel like the producers identified Marjorie as their dramatic, nobody-thought-she'd-get-past-the-first-episode-but-she's-going-to-end-up-top-three cass of the season.

Joe M

I thought the photoshoot was cool in a retro way. I'm thrilled Clark is gone, the girl was NOT CUTE. And ever since Isis was booted, she wasn't even interesting in a "hateful Mean Girl" kinda way. Just super-skinny platypus. Marjorie is totally Amelie sans art direction! Christ, I love that movie. Remember when Amelie accidentally visits the mannish lez and gets propositioned and she just smiles and goes "No, thank you"? Totally Marge. That jump suit has yeast infection written all over it. I'm sure a wee tube of Monostat was sold along with it.

Side note on Sarah Palin: a very small part of me wishes she'd stick around after election day just so Tina Fey can fucking mock her nationally - "I believe marriage is a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers."


The vagina arms were so bad this week, I KNEW you'd have to mention them. Once again, you remind me why I watch ANTM, so I can read your recaps!


...uh..."cass" = "case."


God, Majorie looks so much like Claire Danes it's all I see when I look at her now.

In Lauren Brie's picture she looks exactly like Charlize Theron. Not any other time, but there she does.

I agree that after the great episode last week, this week's pretty much sucked. That was one of the dumbest photo shoots they've ever done.

Hilarious recap as usual, always better than watching the actual show. Still, I will watch that show till the day it does off the air because it's my crack.


Clark's blackout photo clearly shows that she thinks that the prize for winning is the Heisman Trophy. Reggie Bush, yo.


Clark is still as big of a twit as she was on the show. Read her exit interviews. I don't remember a contestant on ANTM that has been so proud of her small-mindedness. She had a nice figure and can probably do swimsuit/lingerie but other than that...meh. It's telling her best pic involved half of her face being hidden.

Marj needs to get a backgone. She can be a decent model. Sam is looking to become this cycle's bitch I see. Joslyn apparently got filmed with the original nose since it didn't look like her pic was photoshopped as per usual.

Overall, pretty boring epi but hopefully it improves. I see previews of Tyra making girls cry...goodtimes!

Thanks for the recap Rich.


Did anyone else think it was cruel that they had Whitney baking brownies and then sitting there watching her skinny friends eat them?

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