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Amazing recap as always.

Come Nov. 4, let's all play like Tyra and NOT have Palin's photo in our hands, mmmkay?

That is made of win. :)


hehe, Stankonia.
But seriously, this episode WAS boring.

Sean B. (aka. lol rofl)

Holy crap! You used the video I sent you in your recap. I knew you'd like it.

Missing Vag Arms

I missed the vag arms too!

And c/s EWiggs... I noticed that too, and the fact that it didn't get mentioned at panel, even though Mr. Jay turned into a huge ball of red-faced indignation about it. Her picture wasn't that great and isn't that type of arranging the exact thing that sends people home?

I dunno, I call extra bullsh1t, outside of Ty Ty's normal bull.


Twitchy Valens!! I love it!! La la la la la bamba!


Luck dragon, not a dog, thank you.

Ms. Pants

Lady Miss Queer!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!!!! And also, I'm so sad that the majority of people out there probably won't pick up on that. But still: hahahahahahhaa!!!

Steve Abramson

Well I gotta say it; since Rich didn't concur - I still think Mr. Jay looked like a gross between a gargantua ("War Of The Gargantuas") and that "faux" hand-drawing of Tyra that we saw on here a few cycles ago (I think it was from AJ).

Watched the Analeigh video and that cured me of my straight-crush... what is WITH the "Yo's?"... The way she had to pause and think of what she's saying (although you gotta love her Marge Simpson analogy of putting crap in her hair) was a little weird - then out of nowhere - YOOOOOOOOOOO... Um, OK...

I didn't hate the photo shoot as much as I thought (Elina's photo rocked - third time in my book) - but seriously, praise McKey's photo like that which was uber-dull. It'll be a contest to see who goes next. Elina (because she's the best model in my book, not borin' Lee - I mean Lauren Brie), Joslyn (cause bitch needs to go) or Marjorie... If Heather/C9 and Lauren/C10 had bad Cover Girl commercials, do we REALLY want to see MARJORIE try to pull one off??? Shit, I'd rather watch Saleisha be crowned again then watch a bundle of nerves sell a ton of crappy makeup (what would HER my life commerials be about? how Europeans are misunderstood self-defeatists? sheesh)

Ah well... was denied "immortality" from my jelly bag submission this week, but no I don't feel so bad... at least I didn't get a psycho cab ride this week (that shit still scares me)





This is my 1st season of antm & I need to tell you that after finding your blog, I watched cycle 10 on youtube just so I could read more of it. Thanks!

annie h.

not to sound like some kind of lame-o assmama, but i was thisclose to e-mailing or posting or SOMETHINGing "clark barred" to you-- i find the fact that you used it to title this recap as such as pure kismet. ...or maybe just evidence that your creative influence on me is major major.


My stomach still hurts from laughing at stool softener...

And Clark = Bigfoot??? Priceless...

Just Me

The t-shirt for Sam should have read "Speak American." I can't believe you got it all wrong like that. I knew it was the way to go ever since I heard Flannel Shirt Guy, who was in line at a license branch, say it to Polite Burmese Guy. Or actually, FSG kind of muttered it in PBG's general direction after PBG walked by. I would have corrected FSG, but I didn't want to get beat up.


I wonder why they didn't play up the Elina loves Clark, but Clark is leaving so Elina is sad drama...instead of focusing on Majorie's Frenchness that is. Weird. And I thought it was funny that the only time Clark took a good picture was when most of her face was covered up! hehe


crotch is a place - in canada - Crotch lake, algonquin park - ontario - look it up





I'm going to die laughing if McKey shows up on the cover for the new Duran Duran record.

I was so bored by this week's episode. I mean, the Marjorie story line has been played out. Tyra and Paulina have been pronouncing her name in their versions of a French accent since the casting episode.

Clark got the trusty going-home edit.

I agree with jbd55 - why aren't they playing up the bi-Elina storyline like they did with Michelle the Skin-Diseased Wrestler, or the castmate-crush angle a la Kim and Sarah?


Yay my submission made the recap! How awesome!


Magali - Totally agree there, I am French too and there is a serious pathology of nitpicking and negativity there.

I sympathize with Marjorie only because I think they mentioned this episode that she's home schooled, meaning she literally must spend all her time with her parents, thus living in the US most of her life has never been able to cancel out the critical French point of view.

Now, being super negative and French will never excuse the whole being-super-awkward and Tourette's of the hands thing she has going on.

Also, Rich I'm so glad you brought up "mild form of realism," when she said that I almost yelled "autism!!!!" at my TV screen.

Sarah G

While we're sharing fun facts, there is a Cum Lake in the South of England.I almost peed my pants when I saw it.


Lol at the photo comparing Clark to the infamous Bigfoot photo!! HILARIOUS and so accurate!

Other than that though... I dunno... the recap here seemed... not as great as usual.


hilarious as always


marjorie IS trying. she is trying to find the cause of her problem to find the solution. and it's not like she can fix her entire upbringing in so short a time.
but if you're gonna run with what sam said, then whatever

Maggie B.

I think Tyra got her mailbag inspiration from Sheena's posing challenge! I'm just going to start calling it my pursey.

missing Brittany

you forgot to put a side by side of Chucky and Elina.

great post btw.

missing Brittany

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