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"despondency and sepia" *chuckles*

I think McKey looks like Steven Tyler -- a YOUNG Steven Tyler.

Crazy about the girl

Hey, I haven't really read all the comments, so maybe someone already said this, but in that mail carrier shot isn't Tyra covering her privates with a bag? Just like Sheena did a few weeks ago and got called a ho for that?! SO TYRA!


Wuthering Heights AND Deee-lite in one ANTM round-up? Are you channeling the soul of my i-Pod?
I had a dream about Elina last night. She turns my knobs.


Way to go out with a bang!



Can' monster gif...

Oh God, stop making screencaps of Marjorie's freaky pop eyes!!! You're going to give me nightmares!!!

I thought Jay's monster makeover was a huge improvement.

I found it interesting to note that Joslyn's screechy voice ran in the family.

Re Whitney's ad: all I can think of is why the fuck is she breaking an egg into a bowl of flour?! I bake (only simple stuff, but Twitney's cakes didn't look like five-star gourmet either) and I have never had a recipe tell me to do that. I've heard of adding beaten egg to a mixture of flour and other dry ingredients, but not breaking an egg into flour. Wouldn't it go like glue?

Also, Whitney? It's really easy to tell how much sugar to put in. Just READ THE FUCKING RECIPE. Then maybe your friends wouldn't get that dubious look on their faces when they're forced to try your cakes and pretend it's because of the calorie content.

Also: where's the Saran wrap?

YO!!!! Yes!!!!

Ooh, that scene is a much better scene to associate Don't Stop Believin' with than View From The Top.

LOL at "I'm from Crotch" XD I'm another one of what seems to be many people who missed the vagina arms.

Oh GOD, Steve, I hadn't even thought about what it would be like to see Marjorie try to do a CoverGirl commercial! I'm cracking up just thinking about it. She has to go overseas just for that.

@ Crazy About the girl: In the wise words of Christina Aguilera: If you look back in history, it's a common double standard of society. Tyra Almighty gets all the glory the more she can score, while a girl can do the same and yet you call her a whore.


I think I laughed hardest at, "Take that, bullies!" Great recap as always, Rich.


Hilarious recap as always...the only good thing about Monday.
Kudos on your banner and the "We've met be-fourfour". That scene scared the crap outta me. I was watching Lost Highway for the second or third time on TV recently, and I didn't realize that was Robert Blake. Right after the movie, I flipped to a show talking about Robert Blake, and thought hey wait a minute! :)

Guy Deluk

Well, I'm from France, and though I do not come from a small town, I don't understand why the hell Marjorie thinks Europeans are always so negativbe. That's just in your head, arrête les petites pillules roses ;))
Fortunately your recap made that episode a little more funny!


The whole Elina hearts Clark-no-e probably got dropped because once she got the Brit-tit-tit weave, it took up all her time in maintenance, and she didnt have time for same-sex lust sub-plots.

Also, I totally agree that Joslyn reminds me of the Post cereal woman. I keep expecting her to start force feeding the other girls Honey Bunches of Oats. And if Joslyn wins and has to do the CoverGirl Factory Hairnet commerical, the transformation will be complete!


Marjorie gives me the wigs! Your gifs were too much for me...I had to scroll past quickly!


Does anyone think it's freaky that Clark's pic at the beginning of this week's blog says "Blew Me" and then Rich goes on to say about her giving head to Nigel etc???

Was this merely a coincidence???

I have to remind myself to never eat crackers while reading. Everything But The Fierce sent crumbs flying. Also, Lady Miss Queer! Ha! All I hear now is, "I think I know what French is..."

Also, please, please, PLEASE put Analeigh's head on a container of "Yo!"gurt. Please!


D'oh! The "Yo!"gurt comment was me. That's what I get for laughing at #7 and #8 chirping, "FIRSTLOLRICH!"


woot, yah this cycle is rife with opportunity to tear these girls and tyra a new one. do not hold back.
anyways Team Joslyn 2008. we gone win this one for Jaysus ya'lllll. i miss when you used to predict the winner. you should do that again, just for kicks.


ugh, marjorie is exhausting.


Wow. I didn't think it was possible for someone to nuff about an ANTM recap. This obviously indicates that you have risen to the upper blogging stratum.


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Wow. I think chloe has the WRONG web site!


What kind of shit stirrer are they injecting those girls with? Have you ever EVER had the kind of confrontation they had with Marjorie to anyone? Nothing like a room full of people yelling at you to be more confidence to raise your confidence. Maybe that's how they do it in France, n'est-ce pas?

Well, my cable provider and the fucking CW outlet are fighting so I no longer get the CW as of last Friday along with most of Ohio. Which means I have to rely entirely on you Rich (and bit torrent.) If only you recapped Supernatural too.


oh my god Rich, those last talk-bubble graphics almost made me lose my shit.. or rather spit my water out. LOVE IT.


How can they let Pieface continue to be on this show? I've NEVER bought a product from a pieface - not even the Chick Who Licked Angelina's Twat who was pimping for CK 15 years ago! Of course, there's no guessing on ANTM because I also never bought anything a fat chick was selling either.


For weeks I have been wondering where I had seen Clark before- and it was the "White Girls" movie! I knew she looked SO familiar.

diane l

HOLY F'NG SHIT! You NEVER fail to dissapoint! Seriously you and your readers are hystercal! ty, ty, ty for all the comedy relief you provide......


My favorite part was the "Everything but the Fierce" - too perfect. OMG.


Clark is gone.....thank the failed BJface.

Also...Whitney? Big WTF on her cooking comercials. I want my models MALNOURISHED god damnit. If not, I have nothing to aspire to.

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