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October 31, 2008



winston as makeover ET is absolutely killing me right now.


fight the power rudy!


That is beyond hilarious!! Rudy looks like he's thinking, "You know I know where you sleep... i'm gonna smother you tonight" lol


Is your boyfriend in the arts? He makes the best costumes every year! Winnie looks awesome and I like Rudy's hoodie =)

Happy Halloween!


Thanks for the much needed laugh today! Sending some tuna laced treats to Rudy and Winston this Halloween...

Oeni Mean

I thought you were going for the mean old lady in Goonies...


Wow! Excellent job this year, guys! Although, for pure enjoyment factor, I don't know if you'll ever top the sandworm. I made my old man watch the vid of you putting Winston in the pantyhose and he said, "That is the happiest cat in all the world. No cat would let himself be handled like that if he wasn't happy." Which leads me to add, stop pinching Rudy and maybe he'll be more amenable to your shenanigans. :o) Happy Halloween & thank you.

Dennis N.

This is the best. Winnie's a dead ringer for E.T. Also: the new banner is totally brill, and I think you should consider turning the preview pic of Winston into a banner sometime soon. That'd be soil-oneself hilarious.

Joe M

Halloween is often a safe holiday for budding transvestites - the one day a year they can safely don the pantyhose and wigs and call it a joke. Clearly, Winston's amiability is your first clue. Boy is a straight-up trannie!


That's pretty awesome.


Now that Winston sneezing video is something I could watch all day on a loop, like they did Analeigh's CG commerical in the amsterdam crib on the last ep of ANTM.


I got nothing. That is beyond perfection.
Winston and Rudy are happymakers deluxe... although I don't think ET ever looked that pissed off. Happy Halloween!!


Oh you are so smart and pretty Rich! Rudy IS Elliot! Winston makes me laugh so hard. Of course he loves it. He is star material!


Winston is cross-dressing...

...He's a hot tranny mess!


My Halloween is now complete. Winston and Rudy rock my world.


I tried to put a hat on my cat, and she gave me the "I will cut you, bitch" look, so I gave in and backed off! Winnie as ET is hilarious. Rudy, however, is giving the aforementioned look.


This made my morning! I will be sending the link to my brother now - we bond over Winston's amazingness. Happy Halloween. :)



I was smiling at Winston's cute costume, and then Rudy in that little jacket KILLED me. Bravo!


I just let out a whimper of glee at the cuteness.


Winston's costume is is probably the best so far, and Rudy's red hoodie pulled it all together and they both look...just too awesome for words.


I cannot believe he stayed in that outfit! Both are fantastic. So cute, maybe Rudy was jeal-ous, that he did not have such a fabulous outfit, but he looked so cute anyway. It was an ensemble piece and Rudy is a loner.

Happy Halloween and thanks for sharing the kitties with us!



I am dying, DYING, of the cuteness. Best. Costumes. Ever.


Oh my god, that is absolutely genius. I am so jealous of your costumes! My dogs probably won't stand for it, but I'm inspired to force them into costume now.


I'm not sure what's better; Winston's costume or that fact that you guys watched E.T. recently. You guys rock!
House of Jules


That is the freaking BEST THING I have seen this Halloween!!!

Ellioootttttt ELL-I-OOOTTTTT!!!

And so appropriate, because I was so shit scared of E.T. as a child. And if I'm being honest, I still am today.

What?! I can't be the only one!

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