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October 30, 2008



OMG, I love this show. just thought i;d let you know


i am going to have to start watching this show now...

will there be weekly updates from you dear Rich?


so sad that there aren't gifs, this show is chock full o' em


Oh please, recap this (occasionally if you don't have the time to do it frequently)! It would rock my world =D



I am addicted to this. Please recap. Please!!!


I want the stripey rainbow socks.
And you and Winston on a roller coaster would be the epitome of HOT.


Dammit, I hate it when someone I respect convinces me I'm wrong about things I've dismissed.....

I can't believe I'm going to have to watch Paris Hilton now....

Joe M

As much as Paris gets rightfully trashed in the media for being a no-talent rich girl famous for sucking a dick on camera (badly, I might add - all hands and teeth), I do admire her stamina in the spotlight. She's on minute 25 right about now, looong past Andy's "15" maximum. Every time you think she's gone for good, up she pops in some new venture that is inexplicably mesmerizing in it's shamelessness. It's kind of amazing, really.

Also: Paris would have trouble A-swirling because of her "heighth".


Onch's roller coaster whining would have made a good ringtone.


this show is incredible. and simon rex will never stop being hot. i can't believe none of them recognized him. i would have been all about 7 minutes with simon.


Onch designed jewelry before going on the show that Paris Hilton, Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss wore. I still love his character on the show, but it's obviously staged right?

Donny B

Aren't there two guys competing? How did they do the 7 Minutes in Heaven challenge? Or...omg...maybe dreams come true...Rex is bi?


I love this show. Love. Love. Love.
[Though I do think Zui's elimination was bullshit. And I miss Onchy-Conchy. :(]
Please recap. Please, please, please...


I haven't been watching. Did Zui's baby get mentioned at all? Or did her spawn get smothered under an avalanche of tulle and sequins and there was no need to mention it?

Either way, something tells me that cokewhore is not a primary caregiver.


I only watched the first episode, but was turned off by it. I found it to be unashamedly mean spirited. The producers may be self aware and farcical, but what's the point of such awareness if the product perpetuates rather than changes the situation.


This show is almost as smart as Rock of Love Charm School...almost....



Onch should get his own show.


I'm so going to use ______ is like farting. It's always funny!


"not people"

"not a friend"

"oh I fucked Simon Rex before"

"It's time for me to get back to my life now." ("rude thing to say to friends")


Right there with you--in the sea of dreck, I am drawn to this shining, blond beacon.

John T.

this show is amazing in so many different ways i can't even count them, i hope kayley stays around though, shes awesome

Doug Wilson

I hope that I'm not opening myself up to a world of hurt, but I was what you call the showrunner on BFF, and this was among the best if not the very best review I've ever read about one of my shows. Thanks for your insights, and kind words. - Doug Wilson

Ashley Ryan

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I nominate Onch as best reality show contestant of all time. he was the most unrealistic person on the show, therefor he was perfect for reality


She is so shallow. It's pretty funny how anybody gets entertainment value out of this.

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