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She is so shallow. It's pretty funny how anybody gets entertainment value out of this.


She is so shallow. It's pretty funny how anybody gets entertainment value out of this.


Only you could convince me that what seemed to be the most trashy awful concept in the world is in reality true brilliance.

I think I shall watch this show now.


I was shamefully hiding my love of this show since I discovered it a few weeks ago whilst working off a particularly brutal hangover one Saturday afternoon.

But now my love has been validated and I stand proud of my affection for this plasticine confection.

"It was an anxiety sandwich, and I had to eat it!" is possibly the best line ever uttered by a reality tv show participant whose name is note Jade.


Thank you so much for your review on this. gifs on Kayley Gable please!


I just can't bring myself to feed the beast and watch this. But, I had to comment. Don't you think Tyra is just killing herself for not coming up with the rollercoaster thing first?


wow I totally have gotten sucked into this show. It's one of the better reality shows out there for sure. And it's making me NOT HATE PARIS. Which is the goal of the show I suppose. She definitely seems more down to earth than I ever imagined, now that she's with Benji Madden.


i was secretly hating myself for liking this show as much as i do. with all this validation, i may very well start picking my nose in public.

vapid trash is better than chocolate cake!

I've been onto this show from day one. Even better: Real Housewives of Atlanta.


Oh Rich--I tried to like it, but I can't. Sigh. Thanks for trying to broaden my horizons beyond my darling Tyra.

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Pretty AND FUNNY ! I like that show

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this is just too much.

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A whole bunch of stores have already started with the Christmas displays here, too. What's up with that?


I think I just fell in love with ellesee's comment.... =].

Seriously though, while I may not be able to say it out loud... I like the show ;].

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