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October 14, 2008


First! And awwwwww...


Yay!! Kitty!!
Here we see the moment of "Gerroff me!" followed by "hey, this head-scratch thing doesn't suck TOO bad" captured on film.
And whoever was doing the scratching has a lovely hand and arm.


TEAM WINSTON! I love that lollipop head.
House of Jules


My cat does this too, however he'll only do it for a friend of mine...I can't find the sweet spot.

Winnie is awesome


Winnie! You're so cute!

Brandon H

What he was really thinking was "no, no, no... wait, wait, yes, yes, yes!"


You dislodge that pesky earwax Rich!!! ha ha, so cute.


His foot said no but his eyes said yes.

I can't get enough Winston.


He was Thumper from "Bambi"!


I got a kitten recently to keep the dog company. I swear I was inspired by your Winston vids. I'm sure you've said so but what kind of cat is Winston anyways Rich? That is the freaking cutest face I've ever seen.


Agh! So adorable. Dying of cuteness!!


Weeeeeeeen-stone! What a lovely little bobble-head he is.


He's twitterpated!

Megan J

I don't think I could love Winston more if he was my own cat. He's just so cute and grumpy looking.

So lovely.
I used to think my cat was kind of a wimp because she rolled onto her back to fight. Then I learned that cats do that to be able to rend with their back claws. I like to call cats' back feet "skis".


WEEEN-ston! My favorite lolly-headed cat is looking a bit like a disgruntled Ewok at about 1:05.


Man, I totally needed a Winston video today like you wouldn't fucking believe. Thank you. :)


I don't know what I love most - the sweet spot or the fact he just walked off at the end as if to say, "enough of this bulls__t!! nobody films me for free!!" Rich, you're life brings me joy and I love you for it.


If I were smarter I would have some joke about fingering that pussy.


As much as I love Winston, can Rudy get some luv too?


I've had numerous kitties over the years who had that same exact trip spot - in the same area. Male kitties, female kitties, fat kitties, skinny kitties. I wonder if it's something built in to the kitty system? And they always have that same cute kick going on. Doesn't seem to bother them too much, either, they barely seem conscious that they're doing it.


holly woodenflames

That's some May-jah Cattitude!

Rudy (seriously!)

Please post more Rudyness! He is more raw and awesome than Winston. I am not just partial to him because of the name thing, either.


Winston is quite possibly the most awesome cat ever.

Team Winston all the way.


Hey Rich - what does Win smell like? I'd love to smoosh my face into his, and I'm curious about his scent. In the face region.

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