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October 02, 2008



It's all good Rich. Snuggle up with Winston and take a nap or two.

Miss Lisa

The great thing about Catholicism is that there's ALWAYS someone who feels guiltier than you. Relish their pain! And take a walk and see some trees.


Someone already mentioned Winston...but you could always throw up some random Rudy stuff to tide us over until the next ANTM recap.

Take Care!


S'ok. Take a nap or six.


We love you no matter how often you post, because everything you do post is killer. Marjorie killed me on Top Model last nite, she is such a douche-baguette.


We'll wait, get some rest!

Miss P

Im sitting down and there's enough free porn left on the internet so, no worries, take your time... and a margarita.



Really? I thought the blog posts had been plentiful of late.

Ahhh Catholic guilt. Yes, I know it well. But props to Catholic school for making me a lifelong KISS fan. One lecture about Knights in Satan's Service was all it took. Actually, they are kinda a shit band so I should probably add that to my bitterness roster.

Anyways, we are grateful for any pearls you choose to share.


Man, now I (an avid fan/reader) feel guilty that you feel guilty! I grew up Catholic too, haha.


You really shouldn't feel guilty other than the fact that your posts are the only thing that brightens my dreary Fall day. Don't let it weigh on you. If you lapse on ANTM recaps, tho - you have failed as a blogger and person. Sorry.


Ha! Don't play coy with us! You're just trying to get us to miss you so when you come back we'll love you all the more. ;)


No worries, my love. It's not easy to create hilarity and awesomeness, so take your time and let the donger rest.

Kent L.

Frankly, you could just have a live feed of Winston and I'd be more than content.


aww rich, sweetie, rest up and itll be ok!

antm was ridiculous last night...


Jack Donaghy knows all about the crushing Catholic guilt. Whether things are good or bad or you're simply eating tacos in the park...

John Taylor

don't worry, so thankful for all the movies youve opened me up to and the antm recaps, take as much time as you need


I love your left over catholic guilt because I understand it and live it every single day.

Keep on keepin' on, G.


As my mama always says, "do what you gotta do." I'll still be around, I promise :)


Take care, take a break!

that said: I'd LOVE to hear your take on the latest albums...especially Robin Thicke's. But only if you want to :D


That's ok Rich, I'm British so i understand living with guilt. Being European, Top Model has taught me this is normal. It's just this general insecurity and fragile mentality that we have, and you Americans just have to deal with it I'm afraid. Heeey- Juzwiak sounds pretty Polish to me... !


Does it kill you that Josyln looks like a chocolate Grover?

I miss your music posts, I've always found some exciting new (to me at least) stuff thanks to your awesome taste in music.


It's okay. But I do have to ask--did I miss it or was there just no heads up about Pot Psych with Amishole and Lauren??? And no personal Rich commentary about the experience??? Bummer.


Catholic guilt! Yay!

It does stick in the brain, doesn't it?

I picture you looking in the mirror, crying, saying "I need to take a swim in Lake Me."


I think that your posts are just that amazing, that it's ok that you don't post everyday. Seriously, they are that entertaining, one can tide me over for awhile.
(although more posts would clearly be the best thing ever)



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