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Those complaining that most Christians are moderate and they wish more people would realize that have only themselves to blame.
Those of us who are not religious, or especially people in the gay community usually only hear the worst of what fundamentalists have to offer. Why is that? Because the saner churches and religious orgs almost never denounce these people or get the message out that the extreme behavior is unacceptable and totally un-Christ-like, which is plainly obvious to us. The moderates if there are really so many, apparently allow themselves to be bullied, for fear of schisms and fear of being attacked themselves..or something.

Those of us outside of Christianity NEVER hear your moderate views, we only see you being silently complicit while the Dobsons and Robertsons and Fallwells fly off the handle with their racist, sexist, homophobic attitudes justified by their twisted, selective interpretation of the Bible. Blaming natural disasters and the economy on gay people?? You let them get away with this crap and then expect us to respect you? Please.

Speak up. It's not our responsibility to ask every Christian if they agree with the Christianity we hear and see every day on the news, with Palin supporters calling Obama an Arab and a terrorist, or defying their 501(c)3 laws about telling people how to vote from the pulpit. (Our tax dollars pay for that shit!!) These ignorant people are the exact opposite of "Christian". It's YOUR responsibility, and the responsibility of your churches and organizations to let people know how far these lunatics have strayed from the real meaning of your religion. You are the *majority* in this country, after all. Claiming you are persecuted and misunderstood doesn't fly when you hold control of the majority of citizens. Neither does blaming the media, that's just lazy. Either you are lying about how many "moderates" there are, or you and your communities and churches are doing a pretty awful job of getting your message out. It's that simple.
The Christianity that many non-Christians are exposed to in this country today is extreme, crazy, violent, hateful, greedy, corrupt. If there are really so many of you that disagree with that image of Christianity then you should all do something about it.

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