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October 03, 2008



Oh, Mo. You had me at "sonofafuck". My name is Mohammed..hellooooo?


I BLESS YOU, RICH. i bless you with green and holiness and whatever the fuck this dude's smoking because although it may make your ride smell like ass, anything that'll get me fucked up enough to drive the wrong way on a one-way street does it for me.


Why are cabbies so bizarre? I used to always get a guy here in Toronto who would tell me all about some crazy health remedies that cured cancer and he would drive soooo slow and he had laminated print outs to read about this magical cure. One time it was some sort of berry and the other time it was some sort of mushroom. Both cured a girl of cancer!
I think more people should record bizarre cabbie conversations!



I highly appreciate your Tori Amos reference.

*runs to go listen to Boys For Pele*


"yeah you were polite...but I dont know if we're going the right way on this street though.."


"I kinda risked my life for the footage"


Is it just me or does he sound like Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men?


GOD DAMN I miss New York!


wow, i've had some crazy cab rides, but yours beats them all! congratulations on still being alive this morning.

amber of theambershow

this is why i fucking love living in this city.

Natalie at FLHomeBlog

"Um...I think you maybe need to turn ARROOUUNNNDDDDDD..." I liked experiencing this from your perspective. You helped him feel better, you definitely paid your dues, in turn he entertains your blog audience, fairs fair. I support your posting of this.

Natalie at FLHomeBlog

Oh! And I'm glad no Rich's, or Mo's for that matter, were harmed in the making of that video.


This is one of the many reasons I miss living in NYC. Fantastic.

Rich, I think you need to start videotaping more of your cab rides.


"Bless you Rich, I bless you!"


His Roman Catholic theory is somewhat flawed, considering none of those presidents he mentioned were Roman Catholic. Reminds me of my grandma when she talks about the Jews!


Awesome Tori reference.


he should be a guest on Pot Psychology. Seriously.


He sounds like the guy on the Handsome Boy Modeling School skits...


He sounds like the guy on the Handsome Boy Modeling School skits...


Have you ever heard of khat?


It's very popular and may be your culprit here.


"the guy was farting his brains out."

God speed, Mo. God speed.


They have TV's in cabs in New York? Is it sad that I'm impressed? We have little plastic shields on the backs of the driver's seats (I guess they figure a guy with a knife won't lean around the plastic) and my city thinks it's 'advanced'


Wow, I'd just put on "Hey Jupiter" right before I clicked over here from Crunk & Disorderly. Love it.


It seems like he is having a manic episode. Always fun to watch, especially from the backseat while they are driving.


Cabbies here in NYC are sometimes weird. A few months ago I had some friends over and we were able to get the "spacious" minivan cabs that seat 5 passengers. Well 4 of us got in and he would not allow a 5th person in. He started screaming at me! The 5th person had to catch another cab, and even after we were going he was still lecturing me about only 4 people in it. I had to politely tell him to shut up. Then he started talking about giving birth or something......


"Normal, normal, normal Americans" is now on the list of names for my fiance's whatever-the-hell for Rock Band.

Next can we have footage of Winston in a cab with Mohammed? That would be the best of everything!!

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