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I got a cab home from work once, because I was cut around around 1.30 in the morning and didn't feel like taking public transportation. The driver proceeded to ask me out for dinner, drive me by his house and offer to stop in so he could get me a present he had for me, drive by the place he would take me out for dinner were I to accept, tell me his friend could give me a free gift card for the gas station if I accepted, and quiz me on my appreciation for and knowledge of India.

A few weeks later my coworker also got a cab from work late at night, got the same driver, and he quizzed her all about me. I never got a cab from work again.


Can someone please find the name of his clothing store? Also, what was that part about rooting through a garbage can?


Moving this video to Irishman's personal queue. It failed to receive enough votes to get sifted up to the front page within 2 days.
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Oh god you scared me Rich, I thought you had fucking Blue Man Group as your banner LOL. Can anyone/Rich tell me what the banner actually is? Thanks

John R

@matt - The banner is Nas in the film BELLY.

Rich, you are a brave soul for sticking it out for the whole ride!

Katie B

I love all the crazy Tori Amos fans losing their shit over the post title.

I'm glad you recorded the ride & shared it. I would never have the presence of mind to record things like this, & it's the kind of thing that people won't get from just telling them about it.


Off the mothafucking chain, Rich! You are brave - I would have gotten out while he was driving up the wrong way.. lol but, not unheard of in ny

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If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

standby killer

Thank you scanner. It is too bad the media isn't getting it right. But that is probably not just circumstance.

children tricycles

This is so very inspirational and educational. And I just smiled when I saw the photo of you with your book at the end of this marvelous piece! Thank you for sharing this!!! And many congratulations to you! Rated with admiration.

tricycle baby

Wonderfully inspirational and so well told. Thank you for the advice. -R-

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