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Since my radio station has decided it LOVES "Whatever You Like" I guess I do too..

Stay strong, you're awesome!


I love this review. I'm a huge fan of "Whatever You Like" and you've inspired me to check out the entire album.


Love that album, and I love him as an artist. He does seem to have grown a lot, I agree.

Great review.


I love that you talk about T.I. and listen to this kind of music. I love Clifford Harris Jr. too. I'm amazed that you were able to write an entire review without ONCE going ga ga over his appearance. Man is friggin' GORGEOUS. Impossibly so.


Amazing review. Going to download it right now.


Don't get me wrong, I am a longtime reader, but I must have missed the memo--what does 'H.E.R' stand for?


nice review!!!!!!! and where is that video still in the banner from?????


Amanda - it's from "Last House on the Left", if I'm not mistaken.


you complete me.

once again you've managed to put me in a good mood.

Oh how I love fourfour and T.I.


spazmo, thank you so much!


Great review! I think Paper Trails is awesome and shows a little maturity from the days when T.I. was singing Rubber Band Man. Plus he's ridiculously good-looking.


Live your life reminds me so much of Ghetto Superstar for some reason

Sarah G

This may be controversial but "Whatever You Like" kinda bores me. When I first heard it the hook was constantly stuck in my head and I wanted to hear it again, I just can't make it through the whole song without changing to the next. He easily has the best verse on "Swagger Like US" though.


FLOVE this CD! And after the swab fest that was TI v TP I was happy for the breath of fresh air this album was. On Top of the World is easily the best, and Whatever You Like is ridiculously catchy and wonderful.

This is an excellent review Rich and hit upon so many things I thought about the album but couldn't form into a coherent sentence. Thanks!


This doesn't have anything to do with your (fantastic) review, but what's up with the comments on that page you linked to about his friend's death? They're all the same comment with different names... So bizarre.


Check out Weird Al's take on Whatever You Like:

I'm with Sarah G- I find the song monotonous and it gets stuck in my head. However, it soothes like a lullaby, so I don't mind too much.


This all sounds terribly similar to the cushion that is religion.

Sister Toldja

1) OMG, I never realized you were the same Rich from Pot Psych. I.Fucking.Love.You. If I see you in NYC, I'm gonna flip, so be warned!

2) I tend to be a little turned off by Hip-Hop reviews by White boys and (middle class Black folks too) usually, because I see a lot of over intellectualizing, disconect and an overall ignorance of the Black pain that breeds what we call 'gangster rap'. I don't enjoy the destruction of my people being used as entertainment for Black folks or anyone else. However, this was really fucking on point.



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