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That last picture made me laugh a little too hard. hilarious!


Yay, video format!

Oh Sheena.

p. potter

<3 it


oh rich. your video recap-just priceless. i so want to hang out with you one day. :)
thank you!

Steve Abramson

Enough with the Analeigh hate! LOL

Actually, you just helped me find the perfect solution to curbing my appetite... - after that Sheena hooch montage, I seriously never want to eat again... - pity that something so scary, could also produce something so funny (the Ana "yo" blurps).

Strangely enough you didn't yell at Tyra from stealing from you - that whole cat on Elina's head thing including the drawing of the cat seemed like something you would have done - doubleplusmockery perhaps?

Thanks for the time you put into this and P.S. nice, um... bed...


that dog is going to give me nightmares


I love how you talk to me in bed.


Love, love love the video recaps. More!!


Rich, you are so cute.


Nothing new to add but let me also just say YAY VIDEO RECAP. Also, your music choices this week were especially brilliant and I could seriously watch that Sheena montage for hours. Sheena is such a wild dame; huh, but what's in a name?


rudy on the head! rudy on the head! every video recap needs rudy on your head :)
thanks, YO!


Yay! My Elina vs. Stuff-on-my-Cat comparison was featured! If memory serves me right, I believe I suggested this before viewing the recap episode. How was I to know that Tyra was going to be drawing kitties on Elina's head? :)

Of course, nobody beats Winston when it comes to kitty charm :)

P.S. - Halloween is approaching. What are your plans for Winston's get-up? I heart the Rice Krispy treats costume :)


Oh my god, Rudy on your head was too fucking funny. I love you.


and my Hag Crush grows like a bad weave in high humidity...

"Elina, you just have to model through it. When I was in Paris we had to do a photoshoot at a pet shop and I had to wear a cranky-smooshed-face-yowling Persian on my head. The girl next to me had a quiet, vampirelike cat who stayed put.
But I'm the one who got the job, because I can smile with my eyes/vagarms/ginormous funbags."

And WHY the hell does she emphasize the "home" so damn much? Hurts my brain.


While I was watching the recap episode over the weekend, my boyfriend (originally from PG County, MD) walked in the room to ask me something but got distracted by Isis on the screen, "Hey that girl looks really familiar..." and I explained that she was from PG so maybe and he walked away seemingly satisfied. A few minutes later he came back wanting to know more about this girl (like how old she is, where in PG is she from, etc) and I said "cut the hair off and deepen the voice a bit" and he said "no way. shut up. that's a boy?" and I was like "not anymore" and he just shook his head and said "that’s Darrell". He hasn't been able to get over it since.

I wish he had his yearbook I'd send in pics.


Yo! I'm glad you share my love for the sheena.


A few things:

1. Are those COWBOY sheets?? Awesome.
2. Poor Rudy!
3. I fucking love Sheena. I hope she sticks around just for the lol factor. I could watch your Sheena tribute for hours. <3


I know who Winston can be: Elina!

No, wait, is that too mean? Or should Rudy be Elina?

Megan J

awww, I love the Annaleigh/worst witch reference. I love that movie. Tim Curry was frickin' hilarious.


and she was SENT. HOME.

I love how it's extra punctuated for Clark and LB.

Miss Lisa

Samantha as...the brain. Tough call. Don't know who could have filled the brain shoes though. Maybe the brain skipped detention on this one. Can we just make Mike Rosenthal the brain? The photographer of "face tumor," "circus freak bearded lady" and "Fiercee Award disasters," like, "can't go to the bathroom in evening gown" is clearly thinking on his feet. And he's cute too. The Sheena montage was so entertaining. She should have her own talk show. Competition for Tyra perhaps...?

mighty undies

your mouth is heaven


Aww, I love video format, but I forgot my headphones and am in the library at school. :( I was really looking forward to a recap break from the 8 page paper I am writing, but I guess I will just have to get back to writing.)


I'm at work and thus cannot watch the video yet, but I DIED at that last one. Just as I died when Elina announced that her weave was a cat named Sherry. Elina is boring as hell, but the cat-weave thing made me like her just a little.

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