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November 24, 2008



whatever, analeigh was robbed.


Ahh, perfect timing for lunch-at-my desk reading. Hilarious as always Rich! I'll miss the ANTM recaps, but I'll still be coming back for Winston.


awesome as usual :)


Ah, the last recap of the cycle is always so bittersweet! *sniffle*

Thanks again Rich, for being so fucking hilarious and awesome and for making me laugh so hard that my coworkers hide from me and start to dial the loony bin every Monday morning.

Come on, February! Mondays without recaps are like ANTM episodes without hypocrisy and baffling eliminations!


I like McKey, but this was... kind of the worst season ever.


I'm glad McKey won and way to put McKey on the spot Rich, ha.

For the Analeigh fans, she's already had a meeting with Elite and is scheduled to have more meetings after Thanksgiving. At least Sam didn't win.

McKey and Analeigh have both posted in the forums like TWoP and RTVGames to thank the fans and in McKey's she acknowledged not being aware of her mouth (ha) and is working on getting her hip measurement down.

If MB posts again and didn't see before, Mr. Jay's haircolor is Silver Lady.

Thanks Rich and looking forward to C12 which is shooting now by the way.


Lauren up there makes an interesting point....with no ANTM recaps, I beg for MORE WINSTON!

And Rudy too, so the poor bastard doesn't feel unloved.


First and foremost, I hope you and Winston and Rudy and the BF have a FAAAAHHHBULOUS (tm Jade) Thanksgiving!

WTF with the Dracula hair?

That runway looked like something out of Unbeatable Banzuke. I expected Ditzney to come out on a damned unicycle.

Enjoy your non-ANTM time. You earned it with this one.




What a bland finale. It just hit me that she looks like another Yoanna, especially in that video clip.

Alas, I'll miss these updates until the next cycle. How am I going to spend my Monday lunch breaks?


I'm actually really happy McKey won. I liked Anally a lot but her faces was sort of blah and besides McKey was the only models who booked all the of the clients and consistently done well.

I got give it one time to the ASIANS! I miss Sheena so much.


Thanks MilkyAqua! And I'm glad so many thought my When Doves Cry comment was funny. I'm no Rich, but I try...

Thank you to our host, Rich, for bringing the joy.


the tyra-broccoli gif was PRICELESS.

"This show is an institution and I enjoy treating it like a mental ward." -favorite quote of the cycle.

thanks for your hard work, rich. it really is appreciated.


Awesome round-up, Rich! You must put flippin' HOURS into making this stuff!

I agree that now ANTM is over (until another starts again in what feels like ten minutes) I'd like to see more Winston. I feel he has been ignored as of late...


this has to be the first time that an early favorite of mine has won! it was a really lacklustre season in terms of story arcs of interest, crazy bitch-fighting, and wtf was with the "deliberation" during the finale? they didn't criticize their walks *nearly* enough as they should have, and showed, what, 3 pictures over and over again rather than their entire portfolio. booooring. they also don't make the girls cry by asking them why they should be america's next. top. model. they didn't even incite any drama by asking them who SHOULDN'T be, during, what - final 5? sheesh. and now we'll NEVER know what mckey's whole madonna-esque british accent was all about. booo! and i'm totes tired of tyra trying to be funny. she's funniest when she's stupidly earnest; doesn't she know that by now?


Didn't the dead bee make McKey cry? I remember her serial killer comment but I thought as she was spreading water around it there were tears.

I'll miss the recaps until next season but I hope now you have more time to do movie reviews! I love those!


amen to cycle 11. Fuck~~

Guy Deluk

That bad porn (you know those XXX one, that cost only 9,99, those Tygra stalks for) understatement- altogether with that Wizard of Oz-esque Roas is seriously jeopardizing my mental health, but it's so funny...
Now you make me feel like watching another cycle-

Long live fourfour

Guy D.


Rich, I think you've turned soft on this one. REALLY? You couldn't muster up the courage to rant about how crazy-eyed/mouthed and ungood McKey is???

Have we forgotten about the amazing showdown of Danielle and Joanie? (Those elephant pictures!). Or CariDee's circus/elephant photo?? Or even Lauren Brie's balloon photo that was possibly in the TOP. FIVE. PHOTOS. IN. TOP. MODEL. HISTORY!?!?!?

As much as I like this show for its ridiculous hilarity/hypocrisy/faggotry, it just becomes increasingly annoying if there aren't good photos to back it up.

Maybe I'm old fashioned.

Still love you Rich. Also, where's Lorber been hidding? Do you know if there's more "The Paper" headed our way?


I came for the recaps, I stayed for Winston. No fear, I will not be abandoning you!


Analeigh should have won. And did you see the look on Nigel's face when he and McKey were hugging? Uncomfortabuhls.

Miss Lisa

Yes, the broccoli gif is fantastic. Did you use a broccoli mask to make that? Photoshop tutorial, please.

Another cycle of madness is in the can. The memories of Dutch fashion sense are already fading. Thanks Rich, for providing these valuable archival documents and historic gifs.

Congratulations McKey--you're a living Patrick Nagel dream woman. From the art history archive: She is elegant and sophisticated, exuding an air of mysterious enticement. She is capable, alluring and graceful, but also aloof and distant. You will never know this woman, though she stares out of the Nagel frame straight at you, compelling you to become involved, challenging you to an intense confrontation.

And she can punch your lights out while smiling with her eyes.


i'm so glad you pointed out the modelling 201...possibly. i'm in advanced fierceness 301 and she was totally right about her assesment. yeaaahhh.

anyways thanks for another amazing recap! take care Rich!


Sam is totally giving "the shocker" sign in #54


Hilarious recap!

I loved the "takes the worst to know the worst. TTYN."

Speaking of that show, I hope Bikini Corie wins it all. *GONG*

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