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November 04, 2008







Ah, yes. The week can begin.
That Marjorie gif will haunt my dreams, for serious.


I was bored this week Rich! I didn't even smile once! ugh!!!




though i think McKey looks like Danny Zucko in Grease


McKey has always reminded me of an actress named Monika Schnarre. I only know of her b/c of the movie Waxwork 2 lol.
But the first time I saw Mckey, that's the first person I thought she resembled.


amazing recap as usual, why Sheena... why!!!!



oh and wow, Majorie is really fricken scary lookin.


Amazing recap as always. I was sure Sheena was going to win this cycle, what with the need to one-up the plus-size winner of last cycle. I will miss Sheena's racial confusion and general rambunctiousness deeply.

McKey does, indeed, look just like Courtney Cox. Astounding.

Love it. Hilarious. I, too, was completely underwhelmed by Analeigh's picture this week. And I thought McKey's was the best, which shocked me almost as much as seeing Sheena go home instead of Elina. Can't wait for next week's episode. I hear one of the girls goes off on one of the judges sometime soon. It's gonna be fieeeeerce!


Ah, such a wonderful thing to come home to after voting. GoBama!!

Still can't get over Tyrag's hair. It looks so... not Tyrag. Did someone knock her out with horse tranqs and style her properly?

Sam is not a doll. Sam is Catie v2.0. Part of me wants to see her dangling over a chasm with Clockwork Orange makeup and a pit of angry crocodiles lying in wait for the inevitable rope snap.

I kept waiting for Makoto Nagano to pop up on the boat and start doing handstand pushups on the mast. NO one on this show is as fierce as Nagano.

Yo ho ho.


that majorie gif in the pretty party nearly made me pee my pants. she's like the joker in the dark knight.

i'll miss sheena...

go mckey?

Dennis N.

I was perturbed that they not only gave Sheena zilch to work with on her portion of the boat, but they also slapped some weird Geisha-face on her. I'm glad she didn't go any further, though, while her personality was still untouched by the Zoloft that is CoverGirl.

Dennis N.

Oh, and PS: Tyra's new hair: poodle-do. Not a fan.


I love you, Rich J. Always worth the wait.

McKey's lower lip constantly looks like it's trying to make a run for the hills, like it's had enough of being on her face already and just wants to make a break for it. I don't see "Spokesperson" in her future.

Sheena - not sad about her departure. Lovely personality. Gorgeous tits.

Elina is just the worst kind of liberal and I say that as a FAH-laming liberal myself. Just humorless and abso-fucking-lutely certain that she has the moral high ground on just about every issue. She's that girl in college that interrupts every conversation about any controversial topic she's in ear-shot of just to put the matter to rest once and for all, while outright refusing to see another point of view. I mean - from what I've learned about prostitution from HBO sex documentaries and "A&E's Intervention" is that it's rarely because a woman wants to empower herself sexually and more often than not a quick way to feed an ugly addiction and/or because she's forced into it by an abusive boyfriend/husband/pimp. Can you not see that, you dour-faced half-lez? She keeps whining about how everyone always complains about her "control issues", but really darling, it's just a nice way of saying lighten the fuck up. Unclench that vice-like anus and let a little sunshine in. Smile in a way that doesn't make you look dead in the eyes, like you are are some numb, Ukrainian prostitute luring her 15th joyless blowjob of the afternoon, if only to temporarily quiet the meth demons. Does *nothing* give you joy? Anything? I just feel like 5 minutes with this asshole would be exhausting.

I love Sam. She reminds my of my 6 yr old niece who has the same blond hair and mouth and raspy smoker's voice (without the smoking). The other day I heard her bellowing the open of Rianna's "Disturbia" - Bum Bum BE-dum Bum Bum! and how could you not love her for that? I think Sam is just getting the good vibes I have for my niece. Which she's welcome to.

GO "O"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh man, lesbians and Total Recall references..

Is it wrong that I essentially live my life as a series of periods of waiting patientally between fourfour recaps of ANTM??

But HOW can it be wrong when it feels so right?!


Or patiently. But you knew that...


"McKey has always reminded me of an actress named Monika Schnarre. I only know of her b/c of the movie Waxwork 2 lol.
But the first time I saw Mckey, that's the first person I thought she resembled."

OMG, Lisa - I JUST saw this movie on Fearnet (which, BTW, is the best thing in the world). Waxwork is probs one of the most under-rated 80's horror films of all time. Zach Galligan - how cute is he? Waxwork 2 has flaws, but still rocks. She totally looks like the actress in the sequel, tho she's a pale imitation of Deborah Foreman, who rocks in so many ways I can't even count.


My boss's daughter goes to college with McKey (they're on the tennis team together) and McKey is in school right now and has been all semester. So, if she wins, she must be shooting Cover Girl commercials in rural Wisconsin.


I'm SO glad you made a subtle reference to the fact that Samantha essentially IS Catie. And they were both so desperate and snot-nosed, I wouldn't be surprised if Catie changed her name, gained a few pounds, and re-auditioned for the show. Unfortunately, this time she makes it over seas, leaving her with much more opportunity to annoy the fuck out of me.

ven leones

McKey has always reminded me of those women that are on take-home boxes of hair dye. And not even the good stuff. The cheap, $5 stuff.
I thought I'd like her, but so far I kind of hate her.

I was team Sheena, but now I guess I'm back to Marjorie. Woooo.


You're so witty. I heart you.


Analeigh scares me as much as Marjorie does. That muppet mouth is disturbing, and her doughy cheeks and huge eyes. She's like a description of a cute kid, but it doesn't add up right. Rich, that Kool-Aid mustache was dead on.


All the girls have to go back to what they were doing prior to being on the show. So them being at school isn't unusual.

I didn't think Sheena would go either only because of Tyra's need for her coat of many colors theme. Although I guess this is what the producer meant when they said "We don't know Top Model." I'd have gotten rid of Sam but of course she'd won two challenges so she wasn't going anywhere.

Elina is a pill and hopefully will grow out of her reactionary ways and learn to actually lists the points of her diatribes. Although, unlike Sam, she at least has two brain cells to rub together.

Marjorie is not winning this. Go-sees and/or the next CG commercial are going to be the death of her. I'd have no problem with McKey winning although with that crappy makeover hair and her lip thing, I can't see CG being crazy about her. Analeigh would be the best show since this show is not about finding a high-fashion model (please!). They just want someone who can shill CG. Analeigh can do that. She's not bad looking, she seems sweet and she speak clearly. After the suck that was Saleisha and Whitney, she'd be a vast improvement.

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