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November 11, 2008



Wow. That was really a toss up for me. I think Marjorie is a better model once the photo is snapped, but she is just a nervous, ugly train wreck the rest of the time! I assume she'll be out of the running this week - we'll see!

Thank you as always, Rich.


Tyra and Jay's faces made me 12, too. I'm still giggling at it!


first to comment!!!
i love your blog,

ok third

don't go back to conventional formatting, if its such a hassle. because, seriously, i like it this way :D

loved the recap!
thanks so much for spending all that time for us.


I will never turn down an ANTM recap, no matter the format. You could always try video ones again!


Sigh... Marjorie gif's and screenshots will never get old!


Elina has the face to become one of the more successful post-ANTM girls, I think.



Sarah G

It looks like Sam has attended Tyra's school of attractive face-making.


I can't imagine how much time goes into these recaps, so any recap you put out is always much appreciated. I was totally thinking the title for this recap would be "Out of Control", and then I congratulated myself for thinking of something so clever. (I usually try and guess what you're title is going to be every week, because I am a dork, much like Analeigh.)

At any rate, I have to admit that the pictures Tyra does are always pretty fantastic. I can't help but wonder if when she's picking the "best shot" for another photographer, she picks a slightly less than stellar one to make herself look better. She totally does.

I was pretty sorry to see Elina go, since she actually BOOKED a job unlike Marj, but it was probably her time. Besides, we wouldn't have Drunk Marjorie this week had that been the case so it was probably for the best.

miss kitti

didnt really like seeing a "severed head"...

Henry Evil

You know, Rich, if you never said anything regarding format at the top of the post, I wouldn't have noticed anything was askew. And nothing was askew! Gut busting and insightful as always.

If you were standing before me and I had only one photo in my hands, I would tell you that sometimes being late with your recaps is the most beautiful thing in the world.



Thank you for reminding me of things I would never remember otherwise.


Thanks for delighting us as usual with an extended community birthday present! Happy Belated :)

(and is it sad that I'm sort of pulling for Analeigh now?)


*SIGH* I was one of the few who LOVED Elina... even tho she was a frigid bitch! Now that I lost my girl... Im a Annaleigh girl all the way.


As soon as I saw Tyra do that ridic melt-behind-the-screens thing I KNEW you would have a gif of it!
I have no one to root for this cycle. They're all annoying. I guess yeah, McKey, but meh. I hate her weird goofy grin. And didn't they do the striking brunette with the short hair with Yoanna in S2?

alright so a) happy belated birthday rich!
b) the tension between tyra and paulina is HILARIOUS. in this episode tyra said to paulina "I love that you call it a go AND see" her smile tried to hide the bitchiness but the tone said "you're wrong, bitch"


Great recap.

I like the break from the norm (like the video recap from two seasons ago!). For what it's worth, I actually prefer this format.

You know that if fourfour were ANTM and you were Tyra, this would be the point in the season when you'd say we're all going to London, no one is getting eliminated, and everyone loses their shit.

It's a mind-fuck, but a GOOD one.


Oh yeah, I remember being bugged by McKey suddenly being British.


Free association + Tyrag gifs + the liberation of Elina at panel (scream like a b-movie extra, bitch) = more love for Rich.

Hey, doesn't that sound like a porno? "The Liberation of Elina" starring... who?

I'd love to see a Winhead pop in now and again. You know Winston has a lot to say about this trainwreck. Yo.


Love this format! I am all good with whatever you choose as I am here only for the laughs.

Sad to see Elina go, especially before Marjorie but I do agree with he stiffness.
Speaking of Marj, how does she get lost...IN EUROPE? Isn't she European and have some sort of built in GPS? That girl needs to a shot of vodka every hour on the hour. I think that's exactly what the next episode promises.


McKey has this. I agree.
I don't mind this format.


Yeah, I spent the whole episode being freaked out by McKey's random British accent, like, is someone fucking with me? Am I hearing things? How did I never notice this before? And if she is British, why isn't she part of the European faction?

The recap is just as fab as ever, so please don't stress about the format. You rock Rich!


The new format was a lot of fun. You probably don't hear this enough, but thank you so much. Your recaps make my Mondays (and Tuesdays.)

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