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I have nothing new to add but I'll say agree anyways that this recap is a fine recap and I too am happy to have any. Altho longer is better.

My cable company also has made nice with the CW at long last and I could actually watch this episode. Here is my burning question: so Marjorie is FINALLY back in fucking Europe. Does she still pine for it after Go See week?

This cycle is bleak without Sheena.


My favorite part was when Jay told Tyra not to mess up his hair.


I had a dream the other night that I WAS McKey. It was terrifying. In large part because my name was fucking "McKey."

And I totes agree with Melissa that Tyra picks lackluster shots for other photographers so that hers look really good in comparison. That is so the Tyra way.

Also, I may be the only person in the world who feels this way, but I really don't mind Tyra OR Mr. Jay (both of whom I find repulsive normally) when they're together. Maybe there's just such a high concentration of ham that it goes from being annoying to funny again? Who knows!

Love the recap, as usual.


Oh my god. The "Hi I'm Nude" thing with Sam made me laugh so hard xD

i like this format much better :) happy belated!

Easter Buffy

Unfortunately, it seems that McKey has this in the bag. Whenever Nigel starts creaming himself at panel over someone, that's it, it's a done deal. Usually he waits until the CoverGirl photo shoot in the last episode, but he seems unusually in love with McKey this time around. Granted, she pulls it out of the park, but her last two shots were basically the same, if not reversed (bent over backwards. Okay, the shot on the boat was not as severe as the faux Clockwork Orange, but still) I wouldn't dislike her so much if not for her holier than thou comments about Elina, her sudden Madonna-Brit accent, and that thing she does with her lower lip. I don't know if it's a physical defect (and I'm not making fun of her for that - I had a sister undergo cancer surgery that left half of her mouth almost paralyzed - so no fun making of here), but I can't see how that would help in a CoverGirl career. Okay, I'm really assuming a lot, I know, that McKey would ever really have a CoverGirl career like most of these contestants don't, but hey.

And I don't have a favorite. They're all doomed anyway.

Rich, great interview with Sheena. I never notice a deviation in your format because they're always hilarious. The great joy of being unemployed right now is laughing without caution while reading your recaps. Good job as always.


The idea that some people would flock here to get your take on the inherent irony and ridiculousness of ANTM, only to sincerely be upset over a blog post being formatted differently than they expected, is really incredible to me. I mean, I'm sure it's destined to happen, but damn - they have nothing to bitch about and you have nothing to apologize for! Make yourself happy and we'll be happy.

Awesome recap as always. And I would choose Marjorie #2 since it is easier to forget and hence not as likely to give me nightmares.


i am totally over these girls. none of them stand out to me at all and if i have to see marjorie do another "signature pose" any time soon, i'll most like puke blood and poke my eyes out.


Don't let people give you slack for the new format. I kinda actually like it better than the old one (Not like I hated the old one or anything).

Btw, doesn't Tyra's short curly bob and
whacked out facial expressions kinda remind you of anybody?
Crack is whack, Ty Ty! Just remember that!

Great recap as always!


that mckey british shit was SOOOOOOOOO WEIRD!!! like, what?! i turned away from the tv and thought madonna was making a guest appearance or something

oh yeah, and nice new format. you think you know, but you have no idea?


Holy crap Rich. I know many people have said it before, but you are one funny motherf**ker!


Honestly, one of your great recaps of this cycle. You don't owe us anything, no need to apologize for a shorter recap.
Although I must say I sorely missed the jellybag, not only because it's consistently hilarious, but also to see if my submission had been chosen.
And Happy 30th! I hope you turn that new-decade frown upside down into a smile. With your eyes, of course.


OMG! Analeigh & Sam were on the TV sitcom "Big Bang Theory" last night. So funny! Maybe part of a prize?

Anyway, I love you!


I actually quite like this format! No offense, but sometimes you get a little too mean so anything that mellows you out is great by me. :)

Happy 30th, Rich!


ughhh I cannot stand McKey and I don't understand why she's totally going to win! Its not just her personality, I think she looks really really fugly! And now she's British???
I was sad to see Elina go too, even though she's a super bitch.


When we were watching this episode, my sister turned to me during judging and said, "Who came all over Tyra's dress?" And we laughed and thought of you.

Rachel D.

I kinda dig the unpredictability of stream-of-consciousness Rich. Well done, sir.

In all honesty, your recaps are the only things holding me to this cycle. I haven't been this uninspired since the Chantal-Saleisha-Jennah showdown of Cycle 9. Bleagh.


Aw, don't apologize. I always love your recaps and no one should let bloggin ruin their life :)

You are so right about the dickish Dutch designers. Who are they fooling?


Poor Elina never got a fair shake.


Actually, I really loved the format of this recap. Don't go back to the old one!


Yeah, I'm with everyone else. Do whatever format you wish, I'll come back and read them everytime. I actually like the change up. I think you should just do whatever the heck you want to/feel like each week! That being said...

McKey's accent, wft? Where did that come from. Also, don't you guys wish we could call her by her real name again. What was her real name again?

I just can't wait for the runway. I wish there was more runway in the show. Even when they show it the cameras dart around and you can't see shit. Oh well, I'll still watch.

Go Sam?!


Ugh, talking about runway time reminds me of Analeigh's swarmy blindfolded, open mouthed walk earlier in the season. Yuck!


I thought I was imagining McKey's new fauxBrit accent. Thank god someone else noticed it.


I noticed the fake accent while rewatching on Friday, because someone mentioned it here. Really annoying. If they had been in London I would have attributed it to unconscious adaptation of the local dialect but not in Holland. But even though she is weird looking and I don't care for her stupid I've just received a right hook poses, I can see how she has steadily improved, and her posture is great and the Europeans love her skin, especially in the more retro clothes.

Have you noticed that Marjorie, for all her skinniness, has great breasts?

Roeper and the five minutes late frown reminded me of Trump when a team loses by fifty bucks or something, blowing it all out of proportion, "Why'd you do so bad?"

They made Elina look hideous for her picture, I think on purpose. As opposed to the way the others looked, in Tyra-speak, "Model hideous".

That dress that Analeigh swirled in? Stunning. I hope she won that. I would like one for me to swirl in.

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