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Leah C

Rich! I love what you're doing, especially if it's easier on you. Happy Fricking Birthday! I hope you smile with you eyes when you blow those candles out...


I actually kind of like the chronological thing better.


No shoutout for the Vag-arms?


I had just taken a healthy "sip" of wine when I saw Tyra as Jason's mommy...needless to say, my sinuses are clear. Great recap, as always. Happy Birthday Love!

Mikaya McCarty

Dang, I agreed with everything Melissa said, in general, but specifically: you aren't obligated to your readers, you aren't being paid to do this; unless this is some sneaktastic project paid by Tyra to boost ANTM ratings...because I know I would've stopped watching right around the time I started reading your blog, had I...not started reading your blog. The thought of "OMG I won't know what Rich is talking about this week, I better go watch ANTM!" is what keeps me viewing, not "Wow, what 'crazy' stunts will happen this week on ANTM, the show that is in it's eleventh season that I've seen every episode of, many twice, and for the first 6 seasons, up to 6 times each in some cases, that has the exact same format from the first season?"

McKey is doing a great job, but 1) SRSLY what is up with the accent? 2) I hate her name 3) She seems like a complete moron. If Sam could stick with the CK thing she busted out she could nab it, but with 2 episodes until the finale I don't see it. Um...Marjorie...stuff? Analeigh I feel actually has a decent shot because she's been rocking it like McKey, but is more likable in the show (selective editing? probably) and if I remember correctly her runway is a lot better. If she isn't in the top 2 I'll be pretty surprised.


this is hilarious! thanks for the recap!









bed frame

I think that show is so fun to watch. I wonder what channel is that. I wish I can watch it here in our place. All photos are just a proof that that show is one great show.


I have watch this post like for 5 times and still cannot get enough of this. You got so many post and really thanks for all this great stuff :)

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