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November 17, 2008




~now off to read the post~

Easter Buffy

Wow. I've finally found the silver lining to being unemployed.



i cant believe i m the 1st to comment
once again..fantastic recaps!!
cant wait till the finale


Silence does indeed speak a thousand words....

Whitney's boobs were ALL OVER in that commercial. Yikes.

Erin W.

I agree on the worst final three ever bit. I mean... if homegirl Marjorie had stuck it out, we'd have the Tourette's-equality covered.

Also... she looked like something out of a Chadwick photoshoot. So much love.



I actually like this top three. I just wish Elina and Sheena hadn't gone so early. Analeigh-Elina-Sheena would have been amazing.


Awesome recap!
I thought it was so unfair that Marjorie got kicked out for taking their feedback too. Their real reason is probably the fact that she wasn't acting model-like with her drunkenfest, or rather, she was acting how they'd like to pretend models don't act.
McKey should obviously win... but let's see what madness they come up with.

I'm just sayin'...

'Infatigo' -- lol!

JACK deKoff



Actually I like this final three.

I was rooting for McKey in the beginning, and I thought Samantha was hot,but Analeigh did nothing for me. A McKey/Marjorie/Sheena or Lauren Brie final three was what I was anticipating.

They are not bad, but compared to past final threes they are not horrible (Cycles 7-10 ring a bell to you?)


Second (ish)! Here's hoping I'm first next week and have my post displayed as digital art.



Thank you for the Tyra bobble head to keep time to.


Oh, and awesome post. But it's always like that. :)

Easter Buffy

Oaky, second, but I promise that Aimee's post wasn't up when I hit the send button.

Coming down to another finale and, alas, another long dry spell of no Rich ANTM recaps. Wah.

Loved the Tom Joad poem. At last, a Ya Ya reference!

I don't know if it's the worst final three (yes, Cycle 9 wins that dubious honor). I bet on McKey because of her placement in the group makeover photo. Tyra loves to eliminate all the obvious contestants, and she does that by whittling away at the girls in the center of the photo. This geographic behavior of elimination means that either Sam or McKey are the likely winner, with McKey, hidden in the back, most likely to win. If I take that logic one step further, Analeigh is next to go, with the final walk off being between McKey and Sam.

Good call on the purple outfit worn by McKey twice to panel. She looks like Snow White, yet not.


McKey is the clear winner.


not as bad as thd Saleisha-Chantel-Jenah top three but pretty damn close. McKey has to win because if Sam or Analeigh takes this then I will offically only watch ANTM for the horrific parody it has become.

Also i've just noticed Analeigh and Saleisha did noone teach these girls I before E except after C??


So, really? You think the top 3 is crappy on the Saleisha level? I think McKey is striking as hell and has improved bucketloads. Sam and Annaleigh take good pix but don't strike me as modelly but they certainly don't approach that level of suck. I'm just so glad that that girl from the European country called "Ukraine" Elina won't be in contention.

Are you just sad our beloved Sheena is not top 3?

Also, typical ANTM bullshit in the dismissal of Marjorie. At least it wasn't dumping a plus sized girl for losing her spark this time.


Thank you for the Marjorie Twitch-Fest. I'm off to pack up some of my future stepson's Concerta for a care package. Where do I send it?

Whitney's bazongas do NOT bounce like Nik's. Nik had historic, saving-the world bounce.

Analeigh=puppy made me spit tea. There's a book called "Breaking Bad News With Baby Animals" and Analeigh would make a perfect "The kid isn't yours" baby animal postcard.

Sam scares me. McKey scares me more. The top pho-to with the Purple Blouse Of DOOOOOM looks like she's about to lunge at the judges' table and rip Tyrag's weave out with her teeth. On second thought, that would kind of kick ass.

Yo for the win. The other two for a cage match.



Rachel D.

The last verse of your Majorie remix is pure awesomeness and - by leaps and measures - the highlight of my day thus far.

I stole the granola bar.
I was there."



I just have to geek out and say 'I totally made the jellybag!' To be acknowledged by Rich in an ANTM posts as well as in the comments on Jezebel makes me very happy. Much more than it should really.

Now that I've gotten that out. I have to say I love Titney but as a 'juicy booty' feemal myself I can say she needs to invest in a better bra. She should not be bouncing all over the place like that it's dangerous for potential passers-by.

Word on the Sheena, Analeigh, Elina final 3. But I like McKey I hope she wins. Then Sheena, Analeigh, and Elina can have real careers, Marjorie too.

and maybe Sam will just....go away.


sam should have gone home! and im not even on team marjorie..but they didnt even bring up that she won the challenge..or that her photo was somewhat "haunting"
Great recap...and im pulling for analeigh bc i loved fullhouse, and like to be reminded of my trapperkeeper/goldenretriever/tgif.

farking hi-LOR-ious.
the title alone had me snickering.
loved the marjorie ani-gifs.
thank you, rich!


This was possibly the most painful episode of ANTM ever. I almost couldn't make it through it.


Worst top 3 ever? For real? I've watched Cycles 1, 5 and 10 and I think this is actually a nice, talented bunch of girls.

Say what you want about Analeigh, but I find her kind of sincere and charming. McKey's boring on a personal level but a great model. Sam's kind of a joke, but one that's grown on me.

I can see McKey doing runway and Analeigh and Sam going the 'commercial' route.

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