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November 17, 2008


I kept referring to Annaleigh as, "My friend in middle school who had 7 Caboodles".


LCD Soundsystem got nothin on you and Mademoiselle Marjorie, c'est magnifique


I kept referring to Annaleigh as, "My friend in middle school who had 7 Caboodles".


trapper keeper...
the metronome...


It depends on what you think this show (Tyra) is trying to go for. If modeling were actually important, McKey would win this. If it was about shilling CG/17 (which is what I think it is) then Analeigh would win and considering the cycles 9 and 10, she'd be a heck of an improvement. If Marj had stayed instead of Sam, this would be a good final three. I hope Sam goes first because I don't want to see that walk on that bizarro runway Tyra has planned for them and she's a brat and spaz. As for Whitney, her reign of terror will be over and seriously, that girl needs a decent bra and yes, when she said "Anyone can be a Cover Girl," I was like, you aren't lying. Ugh!


I think McKey's legs are longer then my whole body =p How come they can't call her Brittney? The other 2 are long gone...give the girl her name back!


I kind of love Sam for being an unabashed dork and not letting the ANTM machine wear down her goofy-as-shit personality.


I can't believe no one made a McKey/Oblina of "Ahh! Real Monsters" comparison. It's dead-on.


This post might have the best gifs from this season yet. And I adored the Analeigh cock-blocking photoshop.

I don't know about worst final three ever, though. Saleisha is (and will always be) worse than McKey, Sam and Analeigh combined, bad overall walks from everyone that had a chance to do runway this cycle be damned.

Oh, and I heard that The Big Bang Theory was funny but I saw that episode that Sam and Analeigh were on and that episode was so not funny. And so inaccurate to how ANTM is run too!


"To quote Debbie Gibson, silence speaks a thousand words."

Am I the only one who laughed out loud with this line? Yeah. Probably.


Poor Whitney - she'll never work again after this over-acted crap fest of a "life as a covergirl" spot. I'm giving the entire season a big fat "meh."


oh my gosh, when I first saw that Analeigh picture...I totally thought I had missed some weird belt that they put on her when i watched the show. Then I got it. So yeah, well done.

(PS McKey is a douche. I'd way rather have Analeigh win, or even Sam.)


Yes, there has been much fuckery going on this cycle. Tyra is the queen of fuckery.

I liked Marjorie's last picture, but the fuckery must go on!! At least she may have a shot at modeling...

McKey....isn't her real name Brittany?

Oh, and speaking of butter, did Whitney gain like a gazillion pounds or what? You can practically hear her pounding down the street in that last ad.

Miss Lisa

Analeigh was cute as a button in this ep. She's grown on me like a cute...little button. WHY must the girls be made so ugly for their "high-fashion" Dutch windmill shoot? Will the inventors of clogs ever get any respect? One shoe-design error in judgment (which I'm sure had some practical basis dealing with damp, muddy conditions), and no one lets you forget. I like how McKey wrestles with guys at parties. Most of the parties I've been to, there was entirely not enough wrestling. Will it be enough for her to clinch the title? And Marjorie, you jittery, twittery little bird, I will miss you.


Oh, I forgot!! Love that cock blocking t-shirt on trapper, I want one!! And, you know that belt is wicked.


Totally correct you are Rich. Worst. Top . 3. Ever.


I hate the fact that you always hate on Analeigh and Sam, while there both kind people and have done nothing to you. W.e, keep doing your stupid recaps, your favoritism is annoying cause I love your recaps, but your hate is sometimes really annoying.


It's going to be Analeigh.

A long time ago Mr. Jay said the winner was "obvious." They are obviously giving Analeigh the "winner edit." And let's face it, she has Seventen mag and Cover Girl (YO!) written all over her.


Looks like cycle 5 winner Nicole is america's next top catalog model...


And btw, Rich, yes a lot of us watch "Big Bang Theory." If you ever give sitcoms another chance, you have to start with this show. It's positively brilliant. And their ANTM insight this week was almost as good as yours.


I don't think McKey can do a CoverGirl commercial or runway. She photographs well and that's about it. . .I find her personal presence boring as hell and I still absolutely despise her face.

I love love LOVE your Patti Smith type ode!

<< I can hear the footsteps every night on the runway in the living room. / Analeigh's teaching kids how to walk and I love her like a lesbian, but she shouldn't be doing that. / But I was there. >>

Sheer brilliance. Whenever I'm craving a rerun, I can just read that poem and be satisfied. Because I was there, too. We was ALL there!

Dennis N.

My bet's for Analeigh. Not because I like her or think she has superior talent, but because McKey's straight-up a creep. I coulda sworn you would've giffed Whitney's foot meat being tortuously sieved by her too-tight and far too strappy stilettos. I died when I witnessed that hilarious monstrosity.


thanks rich - pleasure as always.

If you want to see an ANTM that takes itself seriously -and doesn't manufacture plotlines, and speaks out AGAINST the bullying that occurs in the model house, check out Australia's next top model - ANTM. It's light years ahead of tyra's washed up clownfest.


thanks for the LCD Soundsystem send up. LMAO!

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