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November 18, 2008



You must love me!


I've boycotted BET for years, but I find myself hip-mo-tized by this show. Frankie is that crackheaded cousin who fucks up family gatherings, but intensified times ten. Maybe the draw for me is that for all of her rage, she's ultimately impotent--she's gotten all of that destructiveness out of her system, and how she's merely colorfully annoying. It's easy to feel bad laughing at the old lady who rants and sings at nothing ("and it's over now..."), ut you're right--it's totally okay to laugh at her ass.


Fukk BET forevah...but I luv some keyshia...hella hot.

So, yeah, thanks Frankie!


ive never been ashamed to laugh at frankie bc she is a mess. she is mentally 14 and cant take responsibility for her actions . . . she needs her own show bc keyshia gets in the way of the trainwreck that is her family

John R

Thanks for the new ringtones! Now I have to choose out of all of the sound bites which to use!

Dennis N.

I've never heard of this before and I'm so glad she's now in my life.

a) I love that her name is Frankie

b) "I knew she was gon' roast me like a Planters peanut."

c) "It's like playing Chess. And I don't even know how to play Chess. So I gotta learn."

You're not referring to the Armand Van Helden "My My My," are you? Is there another kind?

Make sure you watch the reunion show for Season 2, where Frankie shouts "TYRAMAIL" at intermittent moments when she wants to make a point.


This is the best psychological evaluation I have ever read. Frankie is so wrong in so many ways, I'll be glad when she stops playing the victim. The only time I've seen her clam was season 1 when Keyshia visted her in jail, and the highlight for me was when she said "I have a show to do, they paying me $2000 to do a walk through at the club, I have to be there for you fans!" just all types of wrong.


Thank you! I have been waiting for this moment. Sigh. There is nothing else to say but, "MAN DOWN!"


OMG Rich you have me dying right now. LMAO!

Frankie is such a beautiful mess and if it weren't for her, no one would ever watch that show.


OMG I used to watch all the time and then i just stopped. Not becasue it wasnt entertaining but just because...Oh obviously i have to pick it back up. Frankie never ceases to amuse to.


*amuse me


I am with you on the "My My My" - I have the local R&B station on all day at work, so I hear that song at least once a day, 5 times a week and I still love it and sing along everytime.


I absolutely love Frankie!

I love her assortment of wigs and weaves.

I love that she loves to hang out with her grand kids because they about the same maturity level.

I love that as an older woman she chooses to pop, lock and drop it for the camera in a blonde wig. (Youtube clip)

I love that she thinks teeth are optional.

Frankie's Glow... Bask in it.


Rich, I trust you like you are my Messiah and although I have barely watched BET in my life I was excited to watch this tonight.

And all I can say, is you done did me wrong. Cause now I can see how Jennifer Hudson's family got killed last month. Disturbing shit.


Just adding that I thought this would be comedic, but it hits WAY too close to home. Frankie isn't even funny to me. This is a far cry from Whitney Houston or even Sister Patterson. You see Frankie, and it's not a joke. Keyshia's sister is not a joke. None of this is a joke. This is just really sad. I can see them both getting killed any day now like J.Hud's family was. This is far more documentary than reality TV fare.


Rich, my momma says she got residual crack build up. She should know since she has been teaching crack babies for the last 20 years now. We laugh at it but it is her daily reality and she doesn't laugh at Frankie much, but I make up for it...

Frankie needs detox, maybe the master cleanse x 2000


Count me as one not riding the Frankie/Neffe/Keyshia hot ghetto ass mess train. Simply put, I'm just sick of the most negative images possible of black women being encouraged and packaged as entertainment. I'm just sick and fucking tired of it.


Quiet, Frankie. We're talking. The ADULTS are talking.



I've loved Frankie the day I first laid eyes on her when she was doing a bid her bid on S1.

I live in Oakland and pray that I will one day run into her.


Rich, I've been reading your Top Model recaps for years (it's a must for me). And, I want to add to Fresh's plea for you to please, please, pretttty please with cherries and sprinkles on top...do recaps of this show. I know you're a busy man, but it would make Winston so happy.

Code 10.

Man Down.



The best part of the interview is when she says the "good times" that they had together were the 9 months she carried her and didn't abort her. Oh my god, you know?


umm, did I miss something? What does this family have to do with Jennifer Hudson's family being slayed by a nutjob? That's not even funny.


Is she the african-american Jerri Blank?


Thank you Jools. I was unable to make the connection between Jennifer Hudson's loss and this family. I thought I was slow but now I see I was not the only one. When I look at Frankie I see a woman who is afraid to change for some reason. I have laughed at Frankie at times, but in reality I feel sorry for her. I feel sorry that she is not able to let go of the past and try to make improvements for her future. I hate that this show is on tv even though it is many families' reality. And I hate that some people feel that it is appropriate to make associations between two completely different families' struggles.

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