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November 10, 2008



Thank you for posting this...I hadn't seen it otherwise, and will now happily share it as well. :)

Tiffani W

Wow that was absolutely beautiful. I'm surprised they let him say all of it. I just hope beyond hope that it affected even one person's opinion.


thank you, i was hoping someone would post this up. and i agree. it was most definitely beautiful.


Wow. Just beautiful, moving, well-said all around.

Something like this should be required viewing before being allowed to vote on something like Prop 8.


Thanks, Rich.


Nicely Done.


Shout it from the rooftops.
Whisper it in the ears of those who cannot hear because they are deafened by what is "right."
Love is love, and always good.


It's stuff like this that keeps me liking Olbermann in spite of all the crap. Good for him.

amber of theambershow

i can hardly breathe.

we'll fight this. we'll get through this. we will be victorious.


MSNBC just extended Olberman's contract: http://thinkprogress.org/2008/11/10/olbermann-contract/

It is refreshing to know that MSNBC seems to be encouraging him.


That man is awesome.


I am really thinking about getting cable just so I can watch Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow.

Thanks for posting this, Rich. It's a beautiful piece.


Well, damn. That was great.


Wow. This left me speechless. It was a truly beautiful interpretation. Incredibly moving.

I am so glad you posted this up. :D


Rich, thanks for passing that ember to us.


Thank you for posting this, Rich. This is the first place I've seen it, but I'm passing it around as I'm sure others are so I hope as many people as possible are touched by it. I hope words like this are not just preaching to the choir but actually affect some change in people's hearts.


Amen...I am actually a registered republican, but I think the passage of prop 8 was a disgrace.


keith is the man. i love how passionate he is for this, while at the same time he confesses that he can't relate at all.

for anyone challenged by someone who says, "homosexuality is a sin! it's in the bible!" just say, "the bible also says it's a sin to wear wool and cotton at the same time and to leave your house on the sabbath!"


also: let's all be pro-love!


Thank you for sharing this Rich. I knew there was a reason I liked your blog. ;)


I'm smitten with Olbermann... 'couldn't of said it any better.


It's to bad the man himself doesn't vote. lost major points in my book, despite the rest of his awesomeness.


Thank you.


Bravo, well said. I still can't believe it passed, thats how sheltered i must be to this, I assume what that man suggest to already be in effect. I look and expect love, even for that faintest ember that exists. The idea of people too cold inside that they would turn away love (for others) blows me away. I can barely fathom the notion, and when asked wheither i should have an opinion on what goes on behind other walls and fences is somewhat insulting and frightning. i know i wouldn't appreciate it. It seems silly to even ask and none of my business too but as i'm pressed on the matter, everyone Deserves happiness. everyone.



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