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November 07, 2008



YOU'RE MY HERO! Sheena rocks, she needs her own show or become a new ANTM judge =)

Miss Lisa

"The Tyra Program" - har. She's cuuuuute.

sophie mop

OMG amazing!

you have to love sheena!!

jenn T.

she is so cute!!! also I love her nails. she is out of control


Sheena is fabulous. Not only is she articulate and diplomatic, but she can rock those purple nails.

Nikita Tinypaws

Ok, this convinces me that Sheena should have won. I would have loved to see here Covergirl commercials with those purple nails.



Love her line--"Tyra chose me for certain reasons, and those reasons are what she wanted to nitpick." I wasn't expecting her to go in that direction.

Chris Johnson

Sheena comes across in this interview as really fun and interesting. Think how much more awesome ANTM would have been if we could have seen more of that (from all the women) instead of the formulaic bitchy arguments and lesbian innuendo. I could never understand why you liked Heather from Rock of Love so much, but maybe it's like this where the real personality is eight times more interesting than what we see on TV? Next time Heather is in NY you've got to get her to sit down for one of these.


You win, Rich! WIN! Yay for Sheena!


Sheena reminds me of a woman I work with. My co-worker comes across all "Haaaay, whatcha all doin'?" and laid back but then BAM! she starts talking about stuff that makes people realize how smart, aware and insightful she is truly is. I always wonder why smart women often act like class clowns... Anyway, goofy hot girls who aren't afraid to show how super smart they can be are my favourite kind of people. I hope good things happen for Sheena as a result of being on ANTM.


Love it.

Now its time to get Sheena on Pot Psychology.


Thank you so much for that, you actually gave me a reason to smile today. That was EPIC.


OMG Rich you are lookin at Sheena like you would go straight for her LOL

But she is so awesome. She seems a realass person.Luv it.


I think my favourite part of this whole interview is your bemused expression. I can't tell if you're laughing with her or at her. I think it's with her, but at the same time, she's not always laughing. Hmmmm.....


you never cease to amaze me.

sheena is even cooler than she was on the show!



This was fantastic!


sheena was the BEST antm contestant of all time, and by best I mean most likeable!
christ. two of my favourite people in one video!


Love her line--"Tyra chose me for certain reasons, and those reasons are what she wanted to nitpick." I wasn't expecting her to go in that direction.
Posted by: Cedar

You have to adore her more for going there, you're right. Shows more than ANYTHING that happened on the "program" (flove!) that she is aware of what that show is about and did her damnedest to not let it get to her. Loved the "hooch" rant, too!
Can the next video be Clark up a tree surrounded by hungry bears? Pleeeeeze?


OMG when her nails came into frame!


Here I am recovering from surgery, and you had to go and make my day.

Thanks for making me ecstatic!


Dagger through my heart-- the video is down! Did Tyra get to you?


I love this girl so much. Please someone give her her own show.


Sweet! And on my birthday too!


omg she is so cute!

as are you. damn =p


Aww, the "Nuh-moo sarang-hae!" (I love you very much) shout out she gave to her mother was sooo cute! I didn't know Sheena was Korean.

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