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I do love Sheena and give her major props for being so true to herself and calling out the other girls without being a bitch about it. However, I think that her fake breasts and fashion sensibilities (like her nails) is going to forever confine her modeling to the industry that craves that specific look. Oh Sheena, if you had that sort of confidence without the fake boobs/tongue ring/nails you'd be so much better off!

p. potter

classy? articulate? OH COME ON.

that's offensive to people who really are classy and articulate. cute? yes. funny? sure. intentionally? i don't know. but let's keep it real here, folks.

rich, judging from your facial expressions it must have been a HELL OF an interview. there were times i had to look away from the screen out of embarrassment.

I think Sheena is part Japanese and part Korean.

@Annie - In other interviews, Sheena is candid about not being a high fashion model. She knows she is a glamour model.


WOW! Sheena came off as really educated and very thoughtful, along with hilarious :) I love you Sheena!

Just shows you how incredibly misrepresented the girls are on ANTM.


Vid's broken?


Yeah, Sheena said somewhere she was half Japanese, half Korean.

I agree that her boobs look fantastic. I wonder if her doctor is in NY.


I fucking love Sheena, and I may just love spelling it as 'Sheenafydd' even more.

Rich, I think you should make a Wholahits-style megamix of all her high laughs! They're amazing, and happy birthday!


Rich, you are in the ranks, with Ryan McGinley, of gay dudes who, for some reason that my rational mind has no control over (read: hotness), make my heart go totally aflutter. However! YOU produce awesomely entertaining stuff like this whereas Ryan McGinley produces (mostly) boring pictures of naked hippies, win!! You win my confused butterfly heart!

Also, you get appreciation for making me feel the true Sheenafyed experience right from the comfort of my own home. I got sliiiiightly Sheenafyed throughout this ANTM cycle, but this was like going back and seeing the movie again at the IMAX or something: a more intense experience.


- first of all, SHEENA!
- second of all, love the mock-up of the actual Inside the Actor's Studio intro
- third of all, SHEENA! Needs! Her! Own! Show!, of course called "SHEENA!Fyed"


Love Love Love Sheena! She breaks the stereotype of Asian women we normally see on television. I was hoping she'd win on ANTM but it's all good. She rocks!!


Sheena was my favorite and it would have been great to see her win. She looks gorgeous in this video. Keep on keepin it real, girl!

Lisa T.

What a cute pair!

Sheena is probably the most positive person to be spawned from the reality television phenomenon ever.

I have GOT to get my nails did all purple and stuff now that I've seen how cute they look on YouTUUUBE, YouTUUUUBE!


I love the monifah playing in the background- nice touch

also I am totes jelly because of this interview

ms. complexity

LOL @ Monifah playing in the background!
Rich you are so handsome!

Matt Blender

Rich, you are so adorable it kills me. You're my secret BF.


Love it! You are a total cutie! And I also loved the hooch rant - she's totally right! I also enjoyed the fact that Prince was in attendance at this interview.

Why isn't this available? :(

Sheenaaa, I love you, I want to watch this so badly.


Rich = superdreamy


you're, like, the luckiest guy alive!


Oh hell to the nah!!! This is awesome, Rich!

PLEASE get her to guest star on Pot Psychology. Sheena is my #1 favorite ANTM personality ever.


Vapid. Annoying. Dumb as dirt. Couldn't make it through three minutes.


I've now decided that Sheena's my favourite ANTM girl ever.


Also MJ seems to be enjoying the interview LMFAO


She's sooo great. I love this girl. She's got a good heart


I'm sorry, but it's so so so annoying that you never stop looking at yourselves in the computer monitor.

Other than that, Rich, I think you, me and Sheena would make a wonderful family. She could be our love-child. Seriously, you make me happy when stars are gray.

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