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November 10, 2008



Happy Birthday!
May you reap in the next three decades what you sowed in the last thirty years.


Happy happy, from one old man to another.


Happy B-day, Rich! Hope you got spanked. ;)
House of Jules


Happy bdays! I just watched your interview with sheena and it was fantastic.


Happy birthday! As much as your recaps make my day, I *think* I can wait :)

Your interview with Sheena rocked - she's like a thousand times more interesting than her fellow contestants. Look at those nails! And she didn't miss a beat when you asked her the book question, which impressed the hell out of me.

Sarah G

Happy Birthday! I love Sheena's purple nails!


Happy Birthday Rich!
I'm glad you had a great time. Don't sweat about the recap, who would want to be hunched over a computer during their birthday weekend?


Happy Birthday. You look sexier every year.


Happy birthday, Rich!!

Seriously, don't worry about it, anyone who complains needs to get a life. Plus your interview with Sheena was brilliant, it should be enough to tide people over. :P


You're 30?!?!!!? You don't look it. Anyway, happy birthday!


Yay Happy Birthday! Does it hurt, turning 30? I get my comeuppance in a week and a half. My comeuppance for being a total know-it-all in my 20s. So I'm assuming the big 3-0h no has got to hurt in some way. But in another way I've heard it's like being in your 20s only you have more money. i look forward to the money part. So yay! Happy Birthday. And the interview with Sheena rules!


Happy Birthday! I found your blog via cuteoverload, and I have been utterly enthralled with your recaps of ANTM. ENTHRALLED. But I can wait. :D


Many happy returns, Rich. Aging gracefully is so much easier with friends.
And alcohol. (Bet you still get carded for years to come!)

Hey, it's my birthday too! Except I am now 19. Happy birthday!!!


You seriously don't look 30. I thought you were like... early 20s.



Happy Birthday and many more on FourFour!! (yes, I am a dork)


Happy birthday, man. It might sound cliched, but don't let your early 30s go by without truly enjoying the hell outta them. Many happy returns!

Happy Birthday! May this be your best year yet! Thank you for bringing us wisdom disguised as wit all year long.


Like a fine wine, you continue to age beautifully ;)
Happy Birthday Amigo!


Its fine. I forgive because when I'm living in NYC, we'll be BFF.


Happy Birthday, Rich!!!


Happy Birthday Rich! You take your time.


Happy Birthday, Rich. I will turn 35 on the same day as Tyra, so now 30 seems so young to me. And the constant Blueberry eating really works, you don't look 30.

Have a great year.


happy b-day rich!!!! hope you have an amazing life ahead of you! Have a good one and drink a cold one!

Peace, Love, Happiness and Cupcakes!


I thought you were 28 or 29 still. I'm so awful.

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