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mighty undies

30 and happy. That's already A LOT.
Happy Birthday Richard


Whatever, you're fierce.


Rich, I just turned 30 in October. I had to fill out a form at the doctors and write my age, I kinda wanted to cry a little bit.


I turned 30 24 hours before you did. Boo on this 30-ness.


Happy Bday Rich! I turned 30 this year too (Sept)! Thanks for the recaps, I never comment..but I love them!! :D!


Wow. Was your 30th birthday really November 9th or did I red that wrong? You do know that Analeigh's 20th birthday was November 9th. Maybe you guys have more in common than you think. At least, you must agree - she was born on a good day!


This time last month . . . I did that. Welcome to your 30s, as my friend told me, we've been waiting on you. (that shit sounds a little creepy though)


Happy Birthday, Baby!! Scorpios are fabulous!!


Happy belated birthday! (New reader here). It seems you and I share the same birthday right down to the year. Do you embrace your scorpioness as much as I do? :)


Happy birthday sexy



happy belated birthday rich!! it sounds like it was a ton of fun!

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Belated happy birthday

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Thanks for reading and commenting, everyone, and I wish all those who celebrate it a very Happy Halloween!

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