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Happy Birthday Rich! I feel old again, it seems like just yesterday I stumbled on your blog (for a music post ironically), but I've followed you through Project Runway and ANTM for at least 4 years (I think).

Your Jade 'Cover Girl' gif is one of my favorite things the blogosphere has given me....whenever I am down, I just need to see Jade 'aswirl'

so, thanks yo!

Happy birthday Rich! I wouldn't have done a recap either. I'm glad that you seem to have had fun.


Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over 40.

Henry Evil

Happy birthday you stud, you.


Welcome to the 30's! It ain't bad, trust me. I'm 37 and still get rip-roaring drunk and spend all day playing XBoax, so don't think you have to actually, you know, grow up. Cheers!


I'm so happy that YOU had a happy birthday! Thirty was a bad one for me (it's like all of the sudden I was officially old or something) but I am happy to know that it was not so for you. You've been busting your butt giving us so many awesome posts lately, that I think you deserve a little R & R. Take your sweet time, Mr. Man.


Happy Belated Birthday! <3


Happy Bday Rich!

May there always be a Sheena in your life to keep you entertained.


amanda bel

Hapy Birthday!


Happy 30th birthday Rich :D I'm actually shocked that you're already 30! And your interview with Sheena? Fucking amazing! I love you! I knew Sheena was smart enough not to become one of Tyra's pets.
You rock.

ven leones

Hot damn, happy belated birthday! The same day as my cousin. Haha.
I would honestly guess about 25 or so. Probably younger.
In any case, happy birthday, but I'm still annoyed that there's no recap. :( lol


Happy Birthday!!


Happy birthday!! Don't you dare apologise for not doing a damn recap over the weekend! Don't you know that we all love you wayyyy more than we love ANTM? Hope you had a fantastic time, and take a few more days off if you like! We'll wait for ya


happy birthday! thank you for all these years of great recaps - may there be lots more :)

John R

Happy Birthday man!!


Happy birthday!! Glad to hear you had a great one.


happy birthday! i'm with jules, hope you got a hot birthday spanking.


Happy Birfday, Rich! YOu are exempt from a recap today and totally made it up for that interview with Sheena. Love her, Love you!


Happy belated B-day!


Happy Birthday Rich!

We totally understand and you are exempt from a recap today. You deserve a break on yor birthday weekend. No apologies required.

Especially since you gave us a Sheena bonus already.


Happy Birthday Rich!!


happiest (belated) birthday, bebeh!! my kid's birthday was yesterday, too... you scorpios are a freaking handful, but worth all the trouble because you're also loyal to the death, not to mention shitloads of fun. cheers to 30, love!

TyraMail Banks

You're 30? Whoa...and all this time I thought you were 19 or 20. You look wayyyy young for your age. You could be...uh...what do my gay male friends say again...oh yeah a twink. You could be seen as a twink.


happy birthday, hon. 30 only lasts for a year. ;)

Miss Lisa

Glad you had a good weekend. 30 is a big one and should be celebrated with friends, music and (temporary) tattoos. At least that's how I did it. The 30s are the best. Enjoy the decade.

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