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Finally, somebody who deserves to win, wins. Marilyn Mckeyson makes a stunning CoverGirl. I wish Topanga and Pebbles the best, though. Loved how dismissive Tyra was at the end. Her IBS must've been acting up.




I was pretty apathetic about this season finale. I didn't particularly care who won. I hate it when I don't have a favorite. Or at least a least-favorite so I can route for "anyone BUT _______" to win. This finale just didn't excite me, though I was mildly in favor of Analeigh to win. =( But I feel pretty non-plussed. Both McKey and Sam were underwhelming in their runway performances.


still it was a weak season...


I think I would have been happy had McKey not hilariously/retardedly declared people psychopaths for not giving a shit about the fate of a bee. Now I can't stand her.


Bleh, I didn't like either of them. Worst final two in the. History. Of. America's. Next. Top. Model.

I. M. O.

The whole running up the hill on the runway thing was sort of lame too. Oh, Jay Manuel, what asstastic idea will you come up with and think is wonderful next?

And if I thought I hated McKey's hair normally, that weird, slicked down, just-got-out-of-the-pool thing she was doing was fucking annoying. And, kind of gross. Not sure why I think that, but I may be left with permanent stinkface.

Topanga? Really? I always thought Michelle Trachtenberg. McKey is weird, that whole "side-mouth" talking really skeeves me out.


McKey didn't really make for particularly great television, but she actually looks like she could get some work. She's clearly great for print work, both high fashion editorial and some commercial stuff too. Of course, she probably won't get anything... oh well.

that's Mrs. Nigel to you

I agree w/ Stacey, if I were to use one word for this finale after Annaleigh left= Underwhelmed. I hate HATE the fake runway show thing they do now.
Also, why did Mckey:
talk w/ a faux accent again?
carry around that koala bear and not get shit about it?
react to winning by bench pressing Ty-Ty? twice??
Thanks Rich for your immediate reaction!!! Now I feel like I can sleep better.


Worst winner since Jaslene, and at the very best, she is the third worst behind Naima and Jaslene. What an icky cycle. Lips McGee really is like the hellspawn of The Joker and Lurch, aesthetically speaking. You could tell she was gonna win when Tyra marveled at the discovery of her non-existent "signature look." She got the soft winner's edit throughout this cycle. She frequently got the best wardrobes, sets and props at every shoot for the last 6 weeks, and was ridiculously overpraised for work that was mediocre at best.

Plus, if I honestly was forced to pick one of the final two for a CoverGirl spokeswoman gig and a Seventeen Magazine cover, (a fate I would wish on no one but kookoo Tyra) I wouldn't have picked the much older looking, unattractive McKey. That lumbering gait alone screams dismal failure for her future, like most winners of ANTM. SO LAME.


Oh, and why did Tyra spend so much time ragging on Sam for her wardrobe choices when McKey came to panel every week in the ugliest, tackiest clothing yet mustered by anyone else this cycle? What was up with that stupid halter summer dress she was wearing? Sam, who I didn't even want in the final 2 anyways, gets reamed for her black and gray hoodie, but this s*** gets a pass?

One last note: I hate Jay Manuel so much. Was he actually proud of that stupid runway?

Sean B. (aka. lol rofl)



I was ok with either of those two winning, one I didn't like on the runway and didn;t even think of at the end of last season was Titney's return to a runway show she didn't belong in. To me it felt like she was trotting on the runway.

I'm glad Sam didn't win, maybe she'll get more work that way. But I am sad I wont see her My life as a Cover girl clips in between next season, or walk past her in Wal-mart.

McKey's okay, gorgeous,great smile. Pretty much it. I liked Sam a lot more.


This was the season with all the potential in the world! I don't know what shifted halfway.

Worst final two in the. History. Of. America's. Next. Top. Model.


when the show started I thought the only thing that would surprise me tonight is if Sam actually wins and before they announced the winner I was afraid that she would cause Tyra just likes to fuck with us and "surprise" us.


I don't think that was a summer dress. I think it was a romper which makes it infinitely worse.


absolute worst walk off ever...they both looked like goons..again, i dont really think analeigh looks like a model facewise...but at least she could walk..
honestly, i hate this show, i hate tyra, if it wasnt for your recaps to help me realize the hilarity of it all-i would not even watch.
worst cycle yet.


Well when it got to the final three I was like ok she will win! Cycle 12 better be better than these past seasons or I might have to cross Top Model off my must watch list.

Crazy about the girl

I don't understand the hate about McKey's win. Of all the girls on the show, she was the best model, hands down. Great body and a face made for modeling (exaggerated features yes, but it totally works; you won't be buying lipstick from a girl with non-existent lips). I think she took the show seriously and was not much of an ass. Annaleigh was sweet but her face was not really photogenic especially with the hair up. Sam was ok but not the best (she should tune the goofiness down). This was a weak cycle (or should it be called a light cycle?), but definitely better than that trainwreck known as the "I cannot believe that Saleisha won this, this was so freaking fixed" cycle. Seriously, Saleisha was not model-ugly - she was unattractive and boring.


Damn Rich, I only watch this show because of your recaps. You got me through 7 more cycles, because without your wonderful insight and humor, I'd have stopped after the Naima win. Damn. Seems I love you more than I hate Tyra!


That runway totally reminded me of the Sesame Street Pinball Number Count for some reason.


I was happy McKey won. She actually looked like a model and presented herself that way during panel.
This season was pretty boring though. Alot of good photos, but I dunno, just not a very interesting season in general.


I was surprised because she didn't have much of a "story" during the cycle. Still, I'm glad she won - her covergirl picture was the best of the bunch.

Dennis N.

I knew Analeigh was subpar and ultimately wouldn't take the top prize, but I at least expected them to choose her over Sam for the physically challenging runway. As much as I was ambivalent about McKey's talent/looks, I really have no solid grounds to dispute the decision. I've never been this emotionally unattached to the final two.

Also: did anyone else notice, when McKey was interviewing after the runway, a hanger behind her head that had Analeigh's name on it? I became sad.

Also again: worst ANTM finale runway collection ever? It all looked like it was constructed with Juicy Fruit wrappers and cellophane.


My husband and I were most fascinated last night by the color of Jay Manuel's hair. We couldn't decide if it was white, grey, or lavender. I think if it was a Nice N Easy color, it would be called "When Doves Cry."

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