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November 06, 2008



Yay, gay times. Good times.

Titsley Le Mieux

omg so pissed about prop 9 but I'm gonna burn a mormon temple later so whatevs. I'll get my revenge. IN THE MEANTIME, this is great news!!! It's So Tough to Be a Baby is kickass, as is (I Wanna Give You) Devotion. Download here I come. Mormon temple, here I come too!!! :)

Titsley Le Mieux

prop 8 rather. typing too fast while assembling pyrotechnics. xo


I love you rich... :oD


Hey Rich, don't know if you posted this already, but Sheena's myspace page has a shoutout to you:


"THANK YOU RICH! From fourfourblog.com"

She got the URL wrong, but it's Sheeeeeeenaaaa, so who cares?


F*ck he's hot!!!


Thanks for the second link! <3

Dandy Darkly

Hot until the purse falls out of his mouth.

Really? We consider that purse-falling-out-of-one's-mouth worthy?

People have warped perspectives.


that blog is phenomenal, and i have to admit a lot of these are already in my current mp3 collection! James Brown Is Dead rocked my world in 6th grade and hasn't stopped since.


haha, look it's Winston on the "Get Up" cover.


Not to be off topic, but I love how smörgåsbord is used in English. In Swedish it literally means sandwich-table.


Dude, that guy really is hot (AND SO IS HIS VOICE).


Dude is totally my type. I would so have crazy, insanely hot sex with him.


Um, he is hot and so is the way he talks/his voice...and his eyes...Am I in love?


Dur dur d'être bébé? Lol Rich, you bring back memories of my little cousin bringing her Jordy tape to the Christmas dinner at my house. We'd dance around and sing to the music while our parents discussed how this kid's mother coldly used his cuteness for cash. "Fais pas çi, va pas là, t'auras pas de dessert..." :D


Rich, you may also enjoy this amazing blog full of 80s and 90s remix tracks. There's a rather complete collection of Olivia Newton John stuff, btw...



Hey Seeldee, that is a great site. I've been going there since Rich talked about it here back in January.


Dur, dur, d'etre bebe is my jam!! There is no better way to get 10 year olds interested in doing their french homework than teaching them "Its hard to be a baby!" in class.


@ ger,

OMG, I may have found that link here then. Oops. Oh well, Rich has good taste, then, ha ha. That site is totally amazing, though.


thanks for the first link. :D


Just wanted to find a lesser commented post to say thank you for this thing that you do here.

I've read your stuff on and off for 2 years, use to really follow the antm recaps when I watched the show w/ an ex gf. However, what really tickles me is your knowledge/affinity for black music culture, modern and classic.

Your TI review, your Keyshia Cole writeups (oakland!), etc... All great x 10. Great writing, great insight, greater humor.

the image at the top today from do the right thing really made me smile and stop in to leave ya' a comment. You betcha!

(dame in Atlanta via Bay Area)



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