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November 13, 2008



Rihanna + T-Pain = Things I love to hate. And hate to love. And are everywhere. And are boring, yet catchy.


"Chopped and Skrewed" is literally painful to listen to. No, seriously, my ears started bleeding in protest.

Not good.


That's what I said!
Chopped and Screwed as a title makes no sense, but I still love that song.
I thought I hated T-Pain, but whenever I hear him on a song, I wanna beg him for forgiveness on how wrong I was.


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I agree with you on all fronts... though I'm a bit surprised you had no comment about "Keep Going" which is *gasp* WITHOUT autotune (though it probably still does, just not cranked up to the Cher level).


i used to, at one point, call him "t-painful", but then i realized how much i liked a lot of the songs he's guested in (and "buy u a drank").


Ugh. No....T-Pain should just quit.

Molly Lambert

thank you for this review Rich!


At first glance, I thought you wrote "Taintless" instead of "Talentless." That would have been a whole other article.



Was there a rash of "unofficial" Chopping and Screwing going on? If not, why does Mr. Pain feel the need to explain that "you've OFFICIALLY been chopped and screwed"??

I can't lie, this song playing in the strip club = what walking into heaven feels like.

I also get a little glimpse of heaven when he says "WiscAnsin", on the leading single!



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