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um, if we were all cyborgs on an "equal footing" to "work together" don't you think that most of the people would be free riders and let you do all the work. it's called communism. HAHAHAHAH


I just wish she'd stop staring at herself, it's so distracting.


That was so freaking awesome! Winston's not here to make friends LOLOLOL!

Do you plan to interview any other eliminated models?


OK Rich, we're gonna need more Sheena frequency. You two are like pees in a pod.

Although I'm surprised she didn't get the SWV Coco reference, duh! That's why you're a friend in my head! lol Keep up the great work.


Days later, and I still can't look at any slightly creased underarm without thinking of vaginas. Thanks.


OMSheena! Please get your own show on BET! Or at least go cause some havoc on Military Island cuz I can see it from my office window.


Remember to go see Bolt this weekend - Winston appears in it!


sheena makes me laugh. i love how honest and genuine she is :)




loving the ANTM updates and gifs! and boy, you're probably the only white guy i'd ever has a big celebrity crush on :)

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This post absolutely made my day. Your optimism and integrity are inspiring. If I was hiring for any job, I'd hire you!

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This was the scariest story to me!!! I would run out of the room rather than hear it re-told, that caused trouble when it was my classroom I was running out of. I was afraid I'd dream about it, a fear I had about pretty much everything as a child...
Well told.
Happy Halloween!


Great post. I like reading this kind of information. It makes me laugh like for 10 minutes long. My jaw hurts now. Thanks for that :).

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