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That's it--I'm applying for Rock of Love or some shit so I can meet Winston.

no name slob

Sheena holding Winston is the best and most surreal thing I've seen in weeks.


I love Sheena. She's the best on ANTM ever. Man.

Very funny woman.

Go marine biologist Rich! Swim with the sharks!


Ok now we need a Marjorie interview Rich. I know that sounds so spoiled LOL. But that would be so awesome.


OMG So jealous that Sheena got to hold Winston!

And I think that since you're on this roll of talking to ANTM-ers after you talked to Amishole, too, you NEED to get an interview with Marjorie. I would love to see that go down and see her spontaneously combust from it all. Give her some weed, first, maybe.

Can someone put Sheena in the Vagina monologues?


Right on, Sheena. I have always loved Ancient Egypt. Being an Egyptologist would be awesome. 8D


Winson + Sheena = teh awesome!!!

P.S. Rich, you need to get Sheena to come do Pot Psychology!!!!


LOVES IT! You guys make an awesome video blog duo, should totally have her guest spot from time to time.
Sheena is so down to earth, like she says it like it is, no pretentious diva here, even though she's a goddess and a diva. Me likes Sheena.


ha!!! best pairing (trio) of all time.


Rich, I love your blog! Seriously, to borrow from Christina like she did from Lady Gaga, you just keep gettin better. This video was great! Definitely have Sheena back if you can. She seems so down to earth and like she would really be a blast to hang out with.


So after watching this and the first one, I've decided that I love Sheena. I couldn't stand her towards her end on ANTM...but damn. She's human! Whodathunkit!


Aw. She's holding Winston. I never thought I'd be jealous of Sheena. Aw!


You + Sheena + Winston = Total Win.

Thank you so much for giving us extra Sheenafycation!


Sheena is a hoot. I hope she gets her own talk show and out-broadcasts Tyra.

Hey, did you happen to see Claire from cycle I-can't-remember in the Kodak ad in this week's People magazine? It's the one with the Obamas on the cover, p. 34. They took all the edge out of her and created a soccer mom look. At least she's working.


rich, are you trying to torture me? the more i see of you and sheena, the more i just absolutely adore her. she's beautiful, sweet and so freaking funny. the two of you together is driving me crazy AND THEN you had to bring my God, winston into the mix! i could die happy if i got to meet winston. haha so in conclusiooonn, MORE SHEENA!


Sheena/Winston 2012.

I love her.


Winston so was not there to make friends.


fucking amazing. did your cat just get sheenafyed?


Yeah...I wanna be a samrt cyborg, too!!


"Winston's not here to make friends."

I just about died of laughter. That was it. That line is equivalent to "Sexual Chocolate! Goodnight!" And dropping the microphone in my world.

Rich + Sheena + Winston= So many kinds of awesome!.

I also totally concur with everyone who says Sheena should be on Pot Psychology.

Nikita Tinypaws

"His fur is like mink." Sheena is awesome.


Sheena's the shit. And Winston's not here to make friends.

I'd love to be friends with all three of you. Even if I was relegated to being the fat lonely friend you guys endowed with pity friendship. I'll gain the weight.


Can you do monthly Sheenafication? I want to know her opinions on world issues.


I wanted to be a gynecologist and help out my women.

Dude, Sheena is insanely awesome. I'm so glad we got to see the unTyra'ed edit of her. Did someone actually say her face looked like bread?

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