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December 02, 2008



first of all, omg my jellybag was first! I feel just like Dominique. I want to live in this moment.

OK, lived.

second, Renee is finally as honest as I wish everyone would be when they lose.


YAY I am so pleased that my jelly bag suggestion made it! :) (and your favorite at that!) I'm a fan for life, Rich!


but Isis was great! she was sabotaged right before they started corporate sponsorship


Janice and Sausages always make my dinner joyful :D


@AntBee: Her name is Bianca. And yes, it's her.


I thought Carol's Daughter was a line of hair products for African-American women? I don't really follow ANTM, but Renee doesn't look black to me. (Neither does Dominique...)


Carol's Daughter isn't just for black women, there's a whole lot of stuff that anyone can use. The hair products are probably most often used by African-Americans, but there's lotion and shower stuff and perfume and bath salt, and shaving stuff for guys. It is probably used more frequently by black women, but a spokesperson for it could still be white, like when Heather won some contest in Cycle 9 to shoot an ad for it.


Rene's family was homeless when she was on ANTM, do i remember this correctly? no pity party, but we'll work with you? looked like a pity party to me. i think tyra looked the most like a klingon when she yelled "Take responsibility for yourself!"


I hope Renée actually gets modelling work and they don't just make her work at Walmart or something...er no wait, that's what the winner of ANTM does LOL


$11 bit made my day, but what made me even more happier is the "We wanna shoot you" hahahahaha


the turquoise jumpsuit!? oy.
note to tyra: fire stylist, skip a sandwich or two.


Renee does need to get a job. All her troubles seemed to stem from the fact that she cant support her family from modeling alone. Its like if you get off your ass and get a real job, you can still model. She really is shooting herself in the foot because noone likes to hang around people that are always whining about money, it makes people uncomfortable.

And Dominique looked hot.

And Bree is awesome in her AMBI commercial - with her voice, commericals are great for her, its like sweet chocolate rain.

John R

Well, that was incredibly awkward. (Modelville that is).


But what is Tyra wearing? Isn't anyone as shocked as me?! A cyan catsuit?


Ugh. Renee. Her personality doesn't lend itself to spokesperson work.

Dennis N.

P to the S: I evaluate my top three ANTM recap sites, including fourfour, at the blog that appears when you click my name. I feel dirty for bringing it up, but I just can't not, y'know?


Is Dominique REALLY wearing tapered leg metallic lavender pants? A metallic lavender one-sy, quite possibly? Because it sure as hell looks like it.


Renee, to quote Hollywood Shuffle. "There's always work at the post office." HAHAHAHA...aaaahh.


I saw a few of these episodes on YouTube a couple of weeks ago. I'm really happy that Dominique won. God, could Renee have been any more desperate?! At one point, the blonde girl that she was standing next to looked annoyed from all her crying. Renee should just stop entering competitions all-together because she just can't cope with losing. EVERYONE LOSES SOMETIME! THAT'S LIFE! I think Tyra and crew gave Renee the other modeling job just to shut her up!
Renee's a mom: what is she going to be like in a few years if her son is on a sports team and his team loses?


God Renee is such a sore loser. Even before she was in the final two she would convulse every time someone's name was called before hers. You can totally tell she thought she had it in the bag. Dominique looks a million times better than she did on the show, so I'm happy for her. STFU, Renee, and since it's so abundantly clear you can't fucking model, why don't you get a job if supporting your family is so important to you? I thought she looked horrendous in that 50's glamour getup.

As for the Jellybags, that pic of Sam and the Audrey Kawasaki one is DEAD ON.


I actually saw parts of the Janice Dickinson QVC show or whatever and my favorite part was DEFINITELY how completely uncomfortable the host was. Every time she'd try to make a normal QVC-ish comment, Janice would insert something inappropriate or wholly self-serving that would stun the host into either awkward silence or forced fake laughter.


i can't do picture stills, but here's a link to the Square Pegs pilot:

the last scene they're at a dance and the Waitresses are playing and i swear, that singer looks practically identical to McKey!

Dandy Darkly

This makes me ache for the days of Janice on the ANTM panel, back when Tyra didn't try so damned hard.

will you recap Stylista, please please do, it's full of hateful people
please please...


Word to everyone who said that Renee needs to get a real job and quit her moaning. Tyra did not need to be an enabler here. I would have ignored Renee and let her stew in her own juices instead of putting Lisa Price on the spot and throwing Renee a crumb for her bad behavior; talk about manipulative. She is still vile. I know some were shocked Dom one but if you based it solely on the commercials, Dom's was the last trainwrecky.

Possible Cycle 12 Spoilers: Janice will be back to do a photoshoot on one of the episodes. Also making an appearance on one of the episodes is Christian Siriano. A description of two of the contestants has one described as being able to talk to ghosts and another contestant supposedly has a prominent facial scar and they are supposed to be going to Sao Paolo.

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