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December 22, 2008



I hate when people do this but... FIRST!

holy cuteness

I love Aretha Franklin, she's the Queen of Soul. And I also like it when people are not serious and make a fun a bit about themselves... :-)


Are you saying fat ladies aren't touchable? Come on!


Touching her body is 'A daunting task'? C'mon Rich, it's attitudes like that that set body image acceptance back light years.

And no, just because a fat person says 'ha ha, I'm fat.', doesn't mean everyone will laugh when you joke about it too. Just know when you make the joke that folks will assume it's rooted in what you actually believe.

When I watched the clip, I read her joke to be more of a "'throw me on the floor?', I'm too vanilla for that stuff." Rather than a statement that she and all fat people shouldn't be having any sex, ever. And even if that is what she meant, Aretha's amazing, but that doesn't make it true.


It's always fantastic to see the original divas (Franklin, Turner, et al) take on the upstarts. Seemed more like a commentary on how utterly ridiculous music has become.
I'd love to hear Tina Turner tear up a Beyonce song or two because no matter how much B-Fierce spasmodically shimmies, there will always be Ms. Bullock around to show us how it's REALLY done.

holy cuteness

Oh btw, I am not saying that fat people aren't touchable... Not at all.


I take "daunting task" to mean that Rich knows he's gonna work hard for the money when pleasuring us lovely plump ladies.

He's just readying the world so they don't come up on us like amateurs thinking just one hand is going to be enough. When I'm molested by a gentlemen caller I like to see him sweat. It lets me know he cares.

I forgot how much I love Aretha sometimes. Thank you for reminding me Rich.


Not sure which I like better...this post or my Kozy Shack Ready Grains. Both are solid gold shit.


Is it really right to bitch about body acceptance? 98% of people who are fat have only themselves to blame.


It's not that serious y'all. Aretha sang a song made a joke, people laughed, she laughed and everybody went on with their damn business. People are going to make fun of fat people regardless that is just how our society is instead of going around trying to change other people's minds just love yourself, otherwise you're going to drive yourself crazy.

Molly Lambert

I LOVE THIS. This might be the apex of the interwebs.




Fat people eat turds when they think no one is looking.

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I want to say - thank you for this!

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Aretha Franklin is wonderful and what a better example that making jokes about herself.

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It's just a little bit different from the outside, I belive we are all the same in the inside. Fat people are nice people too, it's just that they might need a little boost to shed off some extra.

Wesley Jolliffe

Lol obviously aretha can see the joke here. If you can't, and moreover, get all butthurt about it, then you're a whining gay hetrosexual nigger white trash nazi jew. . . .lol see the irony? i guess not

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