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i'm not sure the regard for truth is anywhere near as important as ideological agreement today.

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The photographs certainly added to the telling of this tale.

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God, that is awful! I am so sorry for what you're going through. I have a full time job with partially paid health insurance and a house, but am in a great deal of debt. What a country we're living in these days, damn disgrace.

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What a great story! Do you think things would have turned out differently if he had been armed or not?

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This was wonderful. I saw him, heard him, and knew him after reading this. Well done, and congratulations on the EP.What a great tale of shaky friendships, and lending a face, and a past to a victim of such apathy and cruelty. The monstrous idiots ate chicken before or after they killed.

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All my carefully thought out comment disappeared before I could hit the post button, but what can say to do justice to your piece anyway? I was very moved both by the subject and your writing, Matt.

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A tragic tale interwoven seamlessly with childhood memories. I wonder if either of you, as children, could have imagined meeting your end under these circumstances. I too have suffered a loss due to gun violence. You honor your friend.

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This is a workshop of your life. I need to perfect that "writing my way to another life" technique!

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There is no free market for health care. What we have is a bizarre hybrid of socialism and capitalism which combines the worst aspects of both. Thanks for posting this.

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