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December 29, 2008



I always thought Megan seemed smart. I know it seems crazy, but...and I felt bad for her having to suck up to White Boy. shudder.


You were that close Megan and you didn't put her through some saw-style tourture test that would ultimatly result in a horrific and painful death? For once, Rich, you've done humanity wrong.


Kathy Griffin's reaction to Tila Tequila is priceless.


Ok Megan, Savage Streets, Tila, and Ana. I totally love you, Rich.

that's Mrs. Nigel to you

You've convinced me that I must see the Fabulous Stains movie. Thank you for sharing!!


I love this, daily fourfour updates!


2666 is the best book I have read in a very very long time. I'm almost through with it (and it takes a while, given the necessary re-reading of passages to fully appreciate Bolaño's sheer genius)...it is frustrating and insane and could quite possibly be the perfect novel. Sorry to geek out on lit, but I would love to see a post about it once you get a little bit further into it! (Especially the fourth section...)

Lolita Hazed

Please tell me there will be Bikini Corrie in future lists. BTW, do you think we'll be seeing any of her in '09?

Lolita Hazed

Ooh, and you know who else is basically the most ADORABLE baby ever?
Harlow Madden. NOM.


I'm watching ANTM reruns right now, and O M G what is up with McKeys voice? Her accent keeps going in and out. If you're going to fake an accent at least keep it consistent.
And yes, Tila Tequila is an amazing punching bag.


i have been on Team Megan since day 1. I love her


Before I clicked the jump, I called Megan being on your list, if not today, at least before the list was over.

At least I got that right.

P.S. For discussion's sake, it's very common on reality tv shows that someone is marketed as "love to hate" when in reality, I'm just irritated by said personality.

There are probably only three reality tv personas who I have ever truly been "love to hate" with (Megan, Jade, and New York).


Oh, I adore Megan! That woman is perfect television.


I want to hate Megan but I keep accidentally loving her. She's mean sometimes, but if she were nice to me I'd swoon. I don't like this about myself.


I think it's about time for Megan to get her own spin-off.


so with you about megan!


I'm reading 2666 (it was my husband's gift to me, he has too much faith in my intellect.) It's exhausting. Take a breath, Sr. Bolano! Sorry about the lack of enya.


she's deaf you asshole! Savage Streets is brilliant, I love the grungy B rate Carrie shower scene knockoff sequence


for my part, I'm glad you're gay: you're adorable.


Hey Rich,

I was just wondering if you were watching the new Double Shot at Love this year? There's a contestant who is a frat boy from Jersey named Scott, and he's got some attractive chunk. He'd make a good chunk update and reason to talk about a Shot at Love!

Great update, Rich! Here's to the New Year!


"if this bogus bisexual with the looks of La Toya Jackson and the intellect of a MySpace glitter graphic "

oh, rich-you make ME swoon. most succinct description i've ever come across.


Ugh. I don't "love to hate" Megan, but everytime I try to like her, I am forced into disgust by her TV persona. I'm fairly certain it is "TV Megan" that we see, and that she isn't that stank in real life, but I can't seem to get past the act she puts on. Stank Megan irritates the crap out of me and I don't love it. ;-) I'm looking forward to the Charm School reunion so I can see Sharon Osborne tear her weave out. Heh.


Haha I love the model wearing the Anna Nicole Shirt. Then I look over to the right, and yowza! I didn't know Johnny Depp was a clothes model.


megan is awesome; the fabulous stains are awesome; 2666 is awesome; YOU'RE awesome. happy new year, rich.


Gwen Stefani's baby is uber adorable.

Rich, I can't believe you like Megan. lol I don't hate her, she's just so BLAH and contrived. Do not want!

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