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I just realized something monumental, dare I say EPIC in proportions. You look a lot like John Malkovich. It all makes sense now.


wow! Ana IS jesus! love yah rich!

miss ll cool j

I know it is not necessarity a reliable source, but this says that Megan graduated from UIC as an accounting major, which kind of makes sense with her one track analytical assumptions/comments about people. but who cares- I love her too!

If Trophy Wife, her reality dating show, is really going to happen, my TIVO is already set!


Megan is my favorite thing of 2008. Thank you VH1 Gods for giving us her. (Or whatever Beauty and the Geek was on) I am so glad you see how amazing she truly is.

Clearly Not Brandi M

God, I HATE Megan.


I've been a Megan fan since she was on Beauty and the Geek a couple years ago. She came off as very sweet and likable, funny and sassy. I guess she showed another side on Charm School! but damn if she didn't give the best soundbites on Beauty and the Geek. "I think I'm gonna do really well on this construction challenge ... cuz I'm a really good screwer!"





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