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December 30, 2008



Love this!


fuck me rich


I love the surreptitious Trader Joe's shot. I swear the only reason I go to TJ's is because the guys who work there are even yummier than that infernal Sweet 'n' Savory Mix they sell there!


Rich, you're extremely amazing, end of story. I want to kind of comment on the whole Miley Cyrus incident, and while I do love that we know so much more about our celebrities, the personal delicacies of there private lives, that is the problem; we all know too much. I think it's what's dragging stars down, while the entertainment factor is undeniably astronomical, it, as a whole, brings celebrities down. I guess what I'm trying to say is I would like to go back to the old days when we couldn't pirate so much music, and knew less about celebrities, that's part of the lore about celebrities, not knowing that they were everyday people, now, too many people feel as though they can be celebrities.

I don't even know if that made any sense, but I do know that I love you and your blog.

Dandy Darkly

Good ones, Rich. I particularly liked the first posting's inclusion of Megan from the Rock of Love various and sundry shows.

She always struck me as having an obvious awareness of the reality television process and knowing when to play to what the audience wanted and what the producers wanted. Good for her.


I am so having to check this tomorrow.

Somehow I missed the phenom that is Soulja Girl. What did we do before camera phones and Web 2.0 allowed us to exploit the feeble-minded, mentally ill and otherwise naive or chronic makers of poor decisions among us?


New Order!?!? I knew I liked you, but I didn't know I loved you.

Also, the sneaky photos of hot people is brilliant. That might be something I attempt in 2009.


Angelina Jolie's performance in "Gia" is nothing short of a miracle. Too bad she's become a bit of a pop culture joke. Sadness.

Waiting impatiently for "The Watchmen"...


i'm just excited that rich is posting every day. shit, there's nothing happening at work, i've got a lot of time to kill and the gawker sites have been a tad boring. lovin it, rich!


thanks for highlighting lady gaga. i've been watching her since spring, and i'm happy for her success. dang, she's been on that "just dance" grind for MONTHS! yeah, the album isn't rocket science, but packed to the gills with memorable hooks. and while i agree with you that her style isn't particularly revolutionary, i was just shocked with how blatantly christina jacked her stuff. like, snatched the wig right off gaga's head. having said that, what i see in gaga, aside from her knack for writing catchy songs, is her knowing, winking intelligence and drive. i'm not saying her career will be long and prosperous, but in that regard, she reminds me of that young madonna who wanted to rule the world(an oft-made comparison, but britney never really had the hunger, and katy perry, is, well, katy perry). honesty, when "everybody" and "burning up" hit, did anyone think madge would be in it for the long haul? just sayin. and thank you for being one of my pop culture gurus, this year.

Noel Brinkley

is your banner from Little Children?


The Dream is one of those artists I keep forgetting I like...don't set out to buy his stuff, but keep wind up liking his tracks when previewing stuff.

Besides the music itself, the other thing I like about him is (at least from what I've heard so far), his...I don't know what you'd call it, but every pop or R&B songwriter has some kind of idea of love that seems to be their signature. His seems to be this unusuallyfriendly version. Somehow seems more focused on two people who genuinely LIKE each other in addition to wanting to, you know, get busy and such and stuff. I don't know, there's just something really sweet about his stuff in a way that doesn't seem all winky and cutesy poo or sickly sentimental as other similarly themed songs.

I am suddenly having this strongest de ja vu that I have left this exact comment somewhere else before, but when else would he have come up, so I will risk it.


aww, T.I. is on the list. You forgot that he remains sexy whiel doing so.


Oh Rich, please tell me you've heard the Ludachrist remix of Soulja girl. It's kind of the best thing ever.




soulja girl remix


wait. am i not savvy enough? either way that answer is NO. however, i'm left wondering: was that an endorsement or knock on Gaga?


I'm pressing charges.

the dream - rockin that thang

that dream video is hot



celebrity oops

I don't understand why this naked chicks are famous? They are ugly.

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hey buddy great post about fourfour's 44+ reasons to love 2008 (Part 2 - 34-25) thanks for sharing!!


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