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The suspense IS killing me. I want to know what number one is. You'd think it would be obvious, but I have no ideas.


He talked the cop who was assigned to watch him into beating him up (by asking him if he'd like to know which one of his dead cop friends was a coward). When the cop did, the Joker used a piece of the broken glass (from when Batman threw him against the mirror) to "kidnap" the cop and let him out.

You can kind of make out the shard in his hand when he demands his one phone call, and then in the later scenes, you can see the abducted cop with a bandage on his neck from where the shard was pressed against it.


I clicked the Trovata thinking it was talking about John Travolta, and I was looking forward to a hilariously serious website about his life accomplishments.


The Celine Dion "= Fucking Everybody" had me laughing out loud at work while I'm pretending to work. HAHA.


I know you mentioned Tyra already but I'm hoping Sheena/your interview with Sheena rank high. That was the BEST....well that and the book that little girl drew for Winston =)


You consistently rock my work Rich. And I loved Doomsday!


Thanks for mentioning Frozen River -- I get what you're saying about it veering close to trashsploitation, but at least it was an American entertainment project that's about poor people. (See also: The Wire; Wendy and Lucy.)


I can't. I cannot breathe! I liked Maggie G in Batman. I kinda think her womanly charms are lost on gay queers like us. But i suspect more than a few straighties would beg for a date or a pity lay. She's got a confidence to her and, you know, the whole Betty Boop vibe. I thought her acting was fine in Batman, way better than Katie. Hellboy 2 was phenomenal. What a hot film. Selma Blair - now there's a girl that's sexay. Scenable's mom is actually Tyra - "I am your role model and I do not look like that!" Yup, spot-on.

Lolita Hazed

OMG, what about Dark Knight's Mayor Mascara? Oh God, every time he came onscreen and bat those pretty little lashes, I wondered when would be the right time to ask him to go steady with me.

I honestly think that was the movie's BEST faux pas.


The scene not shown in Dark Knight is where Joker uses a piece of glass to kill that cop in the interogation room. You see him holding a shard of glass from when he gets his head slammed and the rest is left to your imagination.

Winston is #1!

Lolita Hazed

I personally think (and hope) Bikini Corrie will be #1. She's somewhere in that Top Ten of his.


Liz: I was expecting a John Travolta website to pop up too! I was all prepared for the soundtrack to saturday night fever to start playing.


YAY! Trovata. I'm so glad someone else shares my secret love affair. I would bear the children of a pair of Trovata trousers.


"Hellboy 2" was gorgeous. Fiance' and I saw it on the big screen (love me some Ron Perlman, check out "City of Lost Children" for one of his best performances) and everything was so beautifully artistic it makes me giddy with anticipation to see what Del Toro is doing with "The Hobbit."
Special mention of Doug Jones. (Abe Sapien, the Angel of Death, various other creepy characters) This guy is a stunning physical actor. I don't think the Faun in "Pan's Labyrinth" could have stood up to the material had it been CG, instead of a tall skinny guy in a suit. He gives the characters he inhabits such life, such beauty, SO much power to command the screen. Genius.

Mike P

Oh, if only you were into Trovata about a year and a half ago. Cycle 5 winner Nicole did a campaign for them and was all over their website. I didn't need even know they had a men's line, goin to check it out...


OMG! The Bunny. :'(


Mama Mia for number one!


Vice magazine once had an article years ago which mentioned that once men hit 30, they should start looking like John Cassavetes in Rosemary's Baby. I think that is a good rule to follow.

Margaret Rose

As for The Dark Knight question? There were pieces of broken glass on the ledge of the viewing window thing, when the detective came at the Joker to beat him up, Mister J (not to be confused with the ANTM J) had the glass and forced him to open the door.



I am still utterly amazed the 1) evil elf in Hellboy two is the ex lead singer from Bros and 2) Ron Perlman is 60+ and still rocking and action movie properly!


Hey! Give some credit to Scene Kid co-creator Adam Scott Franklin! The man busted his ass making that series!


The biggest mystery scene in The Dark Knight is: what the hell happened after the Joker crashed the party and threw Rachel out the window, with Batman flying behind to rescue her?

Did The Joker just ... leave? Checked his watch and say "Well, gotta go"? Did he smash some heads and then take over the DJ booth and crank some tunes?

Most bizarre missing scene ever.


scene kid love is my new favorite thing in the world


But the bunny...

Dandy Darkly

Hellboy2 seriously amped up the production design. Better win some Oscars for it.

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