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It amuses me to imagine Pretty Ricky's band members wandering the aisles of Wal-Mart trying to pick out the perfect Christmas gift for "that special lady in their life".

"Yo, what's this thing do?"
"It's a massager, homes."
"Yeah? Like, for her pussaaay?"
"Straight up, bro. See that little slot?
Thas where you pour in da Coke."
"Nice. You bring da coupons?"


Um, my little 4/4 angel? Where is your holiday mix for the faithful?..


OMG, I LOVED 5-4-3-2 Yo! Time Is Up. I know it was a flop (and the rest of the album basically sucked), but that song was the shit at the time.


All of these albums and artists suck.


The only thing I like is the font on the cover of Akon's album.


Rich, I feel that typically we agree musically on almost everything. However, I really enjoy the new Brandy album. Maybe its the fact that this has been a depressing and slightly soul-crushing year and this time Brandy and her positivity is actually infecting me and making me feel better, and I have not had an album have that effect in forever. That is why I love R&B in the first place and why it will always reach my mind and heart in a way nothing else can . I urge you to give the songs "A Capella" and "Piano Man" another listen. Also the album has lots to offer from a strictly pothead place. Brandy delivers layers and layers of beautiful harmonies that in the past two weeks have had me both in goosebumps and tears. Combined with Darkchild creating epic production to go with it all. It is an album where you can tell they were in the studio perfecting everything together and not just singing over beats. I thank Brandy for that. Cheese is abundant for sure but it has it's moments and they are intensely Human to me. (and I didn't even plan to work back to the title track)

Holy Cuteness

Good blog. And I would never buy Pretty Ricky for my mom, well the cd I mean...
I wish you great holidays!

Sarah G

What did you think of Raphael Saadiq's throwback album this year? I kind of love it, save for the Jay-Z remix that is too painfully forced for words. You can definitely buy it for mom (maybe even grandma).


i am totally buying the brandy album for my mom.


What about Miss Badu...or is she just poo poo?


I also wanted to second the above poster in that I disagree with your assessment of Brandy's album, which I really like. I was never a huge fan (it all sort of went downhill after the "I Wanna Be Down" remix, IMHO), but had picked up her "Best of" a few years back and decided that, actually, all of the songs are good. So, I was fairly eager to hear her new album, which, although corny at times, is full of immaculately produced, beautifully sung, intricately layered, uplifting pop/R&B ("urban pop") songs and is really very good in a 7/10 sort of way.


OK Rich you are so a friend in my head.. and you had me dying with this entry..

Childfree Sexpot

Love the Keyshia album and knew I would because she is a hot bitch and all of her albums are hot, but I too was STUNNED by the song "This Is Us".

This is nowhere near "Authentic Keyshia Cole"...nowhere near! UGH! TAKE IT AWAY PLEEEZE!

Immediately upon listening to it I wondered aloud "IS THIS A FUCKING DIANE WARREN SONG?"

I checked the liner notes and it isn't, but just the mere fact that I initially thought it was speaks VOLUMES.

The Management

I laughed out loud at the mom part of Pretty Ricky!!!! I have listened to every cd you listed less Akon and Pretty Ricky *I don't like having my ears bleed*

1. Anthony - I like it. His first cd is the best and continues to remain the best, but I love the title track even if you don't :)

2. Musiq - I like it ... its a Musiq Soulchild cd ...

3. Brandy - I was disappointed that I didn't really enjoy any tracks on the cd. The best thing she's done lately is her cameo on "Quickly" with John Legend

4. Keyshia - I can't get into, but I'm going to try ...

Solange's Manager @ Best Buy

Keyshia's album is made of poo.
This Is Us is just a Big Girls Don't Cry remake.

The album sounds like her previous albums and seriously Rich, I don't get your obsession with Keyshia nor Mary. You listen to one of their songs you have listened to them all. Samey samey and could be in ANY of their albums. Yet you slammed Beyonce for not being introspective in her new album (err, she doesn't write her own songs DUH). I seriously don't know how you 'gauge' whether an album is good or not. I think you prefer all these 'raw' 'imperfect' "unpolished" vocals ala Mary and Mary 2.0. Hell, that's what studio is for; to polish your damn vocals! And I'm tired of all these pain-joy-pain-joy cycles so Mary and Mary 2.0 sit your behind down!!! Let Mariah, Beyonce, Rihanna and Brandy rule the urban arena. They innovate instead of sticking to the same ol same ol Bryan Cox sound!!!!! RANT OVER!!


Duuude YES!!! on the keishia cole bandwagon Actually my brother got me her new album and a roku netflix player for christmas but I was way more excited about this



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You are so funny! Though I'm not an expert, your descriptions of the French perfectly matches my perception of them, especially the fear of embarrassment.

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Congrats on the EP!

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Yup, the assassination simile was perfect. Really enjoyed this, your writing voice is delightful.

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