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December 17, 2008


the maljax

I've seen quite a few Sam Fuller movies, and have been meaning to see this one.

Another interesting movie is Sam Fuller's Shock Corridor. One of the characters is a black man in a loony bin who is convinced that he is white and he's known for periodically stealing pillow cases to make KKK hoods.


fabulous! love you.

also: you can SO still buy a Whitman's Sampler: http://www.russellstover.com/jump.jsp?itemID=216&itemType=CATEGORY&path=1%2C2%2C5%2C216&page=1&viewAll=1&cid=Google&kwd=


Whitman's Samplers are freakin' delicious, what the hell are you talking about? This whole anti-Whitman's stance you've suddenly taken has totally made me question my enjoyment of your blogs.

I mean, hello, where else can you eat a chocolate mailman?

Which considering the dog/mailman thing makes its presence in White Dog all the more pointedly right. Or not.

Whatever, now I really want some candy. Thanks a bunch!

Kidding aside, I cannot wait to add this to my netflix queue (or at least see if its actually available...).


Kristy McNicol is a handsome lez. Good thing it wasn't Straight Dog, 'cause that would be real blood on her Merry Go Round sweater.

Ian Arizona

Kristy McNichol is MARJORIE!!

John R

Looking forward to seeing this without Dutch subtitles (the only bootlegs I ever found had them). Thanks for that last pic - Kristy McNipple was my biggest childhood crush!

Dan Johnson

Laugh if you want, but that is a racist llama, trained to attack innocent Tamils. A Tamil-mauling llama.


I totally agree with Ian. I was about to write the same thing.


Perhaps that horrible job query your boyfriend got yesterday was written by White Dog.
House of Jules

holy cuteness

The hairstyle of that woman is really eighties...
You told me all, so I don't have to watch the movie anymore.


One of my friends once said that the truest test of courage is eating a Whitman's Sampler in the dark.


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Ian Arizona, you beat me to the Marjorie point(s)!!!


Her mugging reminds me of Marjorie.


I hoped I could be the first to point out the resemblance to Marjorie but obviously EVERYONE sees it, and why the HECK did you not point it out in your commentary?

Scott Free

That was really enjoyable. More b-movie commentary, please! Hmm...I think that elephant is a member of the dinosaur family...


Alright, I'm not crazy. I know Whitman's is not the best chocolate in all the world. But it's chocolate! All it has to do is exist for me to want to eat it. You may live in fear of the carb, Rich, but not I. That being said, I am going right out and renting this movie.

Erin Donovan

I love this movie! Great review, Rich!


I saw Shock Corridor when on Sundance or IFC or one of those channels when I was in high school in the late nineties. It became an instant favorite. The Naked Kiss is also a classic. If you haven't seen them, you really, really need to get thee to a Best Buy or something. Like, now.


Oh god that "Last Tango In Paris" shoop is cracking my shit up.


I enjoyed this movie for its unexpectedly morbid kicks. I could go on further describing its charming nuances but everyone seems to have covered those bases. Nice review Btw.



Sooo...lower-rent Cujo?
I can't help but feel misrepresented by proxy. My white shepherd girl was probably the bunny this one chased.


I love Samuel Fuller! He always had that laser-like sight straight to the heart of issues, and despised bulls*** in conjunction with a love for upsetting people (maybe its his Park Row days that did it) with uncomfortable truths, in that boldly free-associating visual style that makes immedaite emotional sense. All his movies make you squirm, like Pickup on South St, The Crimson Komono, and The Steel Helmet (probably the best treatise on racism ever produced in American cinema), House of Bamboo, etc.

I especially love the opening of The Naked Kiss, when the pimp pulls off hooker Constance Towers' wig as she is beating the crap out of him with her clutch while jazz fusion blares in the background. Fun fact: Did you know that Constance Towers, (who also played the stripper in Shock Corridor who did that weird number with the feather boa wrapped around her head a'la Randy's winter gear in Christmas Story) ended up playing Helena Cassadine on General Hospital for years?


This is my first fourfour movie review, and while this movie sounds disturbing and interesting, I think I laughed inappropriately through the whole thing, especially at the "disapproving elephant" and "Last Tango In Paris" parts. Oh lord. I'm still wiping the tears and giggling.

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