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December 01, 2008



I had really thought about watching this yesterday but just couldn't bring myself to do it...I knew as soon as I heard she was 'in control' of it that we'd get no juicy details.

I still think she's bipolar, it would explain her periods of mania and erratic behaviour. I do like Womanizer tho =)

Dennis N.

Robert Downey, Jr. had a serious addiction problem and bounced back.

Same thing with Mary J.

Heck, even Keyshia's mom Frankie, while still angry, loud, and completely lacking decorum, possesses a distinctly post-addiction personality.

Not the case with Britney. She may be less inebriated than before, and off the rumored drugs, but something is significantly different about her that only a psychological diagnosis can explain.

Her eyes are just so...empty.

p. potter

I watched this last night by accident--I'd forgotten it was debuting this weekend.

There were parts that made me feel bad for Britney; not because she's a helpless victim, but because she's totally, utterly insane. She can speak for five minutes and manages to say nothing in that time. She says her babies are little jewels, but talks about how they represented "home" and she just couldn't face being home when bad stuff was going on. Nothing new came from this interview except to highlight her stupidity.

I mostly feel sorry for her children, with parents like Kevin and Britney no amount of money will be able to keep you from turning into white trash. She's clearly not meant to be a mother.

And OH! I forgot...what was up with the Madonna thing? I'd think this type of thing would be beneath her Madgesty.

Childfree Sexpot

Great breakdown Rich!

I couldn't help but roll my eyes when she said she wanted to take her kids AND A MAN to a deserted island.

A man???? HUH? Seems to me like "man issues" are part of the reason her life is so jacked.

At this time in her life, a man is NOT what she needs. How about focusing on her own mental health, and helping others in some charitable way? And why aren't her kids enough?


Listening to her hurts. Just like listening to Michael Jackson hurts. Not all child stars turn out like this, but the kind with parents that aren't interested in making their child a functioning person does. There appears to have been no emphasis on any real kind of pride or self-protection, or sense of self in any way other than as a commodity. Totally depressing to me.


wow, excellent post Rich. And that last question really nailed it for me.


I'm glad we see eye to eye - Britney is, in essence, stuck in the late 90s, early 2000s...She has not moved past from In The Zone...even her performances on European TV are dated.

After all of this, I still find it hard to believe that if the paparazzi stop chasing her, that she would be truly happy. Britney Spears, as a corporation, fails to exist without the the media circus (no pun intended) surrounding her.


i lOve the banner rich juz...
xmas vacatiOn = ♥

"drumroll please..."

Emmanuel Vergara

Bitch, stick with ANTM.


i don't remember any schizophrenia rumors, but bipolar? hell yes.

if this interview revealed anything, it's that she's not "in control." i think of someone in control has having some degree of insight into their own life. "stablized" is more like it.

i feel bad for her kids.

I love the article. I was wondering if someone was going to call bulls**t, and you did.


I'll be honest and say that I felt fine with what was revealed until your recap. What really did stick out to me was her saying that everything is 'too controlled now'. She's not saying that she doesn't need help, but it's so stifling(?). I feel for her. She needs freedom, and who knows, maybe performing is that for her. But I can understand guarding herself. she's been hurt before and is really apprehensive about opening up again. I just feel so bad. I'm not sure if she really loves performing liked she seemed to, but is doing because that's really all she knows. and what the hell up is with her mother?

As far as those questions go, I'm still holding out for that book she mentioned. and if anything, Timberlake is a significant problem to her. He seems to enjoy slyly mentioning her and kicking her while she's down. And you know he does! Why work with somebody who treats you this way? Screw him!

the accent....I heard that her family is actually from england, her grandmother on her mom's side, so there's that. And speaking of family, where is her brother?

I just really don't know if I want to hear her perform. She definitely isn't that same fun-loving girl and seems like a shell. But what's there to do for her? She even admits that she has no idea why she didn't just take her kids and leave. She may never have all the answers herself, much less telling us.

all in all, I felt that the honesty showed was what she could handle. not exposing everything may not have even been her choice. or maybe 'blur' is just an accurate description of her 2007. who knows? maybe not even her.


you know what? it's none of your business, or anyone's business. this was Britney "going on the record" about the past few years, NOT an exciting tell all to fill people's insatiable need to talk about her. and yet it WASN'T a tell all and you and everyone else are still acting like you KNOW the woman besides what you see on camera.

get your nose out of the tabloids buddy.


You are kind of a bitch sry2say


I was reading some comments on this other website and it was so surreal that people completely bought into this hour long infomercial as a tell-all documentary.I mean they literally had her Elizabeth Arden shit on screen for like half the time,including commercials. As for Britney herself I was disgusted by how weak, shallow, unrepentant, and contradictory she is as a person. Her year of mayhem last year didn't humble her or teach her anything, she still covets men in the unrealistic way equating them to happiness. Before this documentary that I wish I hadnt of watched it,I completely was nonchalant about her as a person more nostalgic for her music, never really caring about her character and now it is reveal to me, I never want to listen to her music again. She stands for everything negative ingrained in women's minds that eventually we grow out of after facing reality,yet reality hit this pop princess with a bus and she is obviously unfazed.I just wanted to scream at my television last night,"No Britney for a woman that is practically thirty being that clubbing "cool chick" and having a penis in your life does not bring happiness, doesn't define you as an adult, and doesn't make life all better".

Also an the end where she was crying about no one listening to her, that translated as no one listening too or abiding to her commands anymore, those tears were nothing more than possibly another one of her daily temper tantrums that just happened to be caught by MTV cameras.


uh-oh. Now the Brit-Brit crazies are going to troll your blog!
I couldn't watch this. Not because it was at the same time as Dexter (I hope you watch that, btw, it's great), but because I feel so embarrassed for her, for reasons you've already stated.
GREAT POST. Love your stuff.


"Her year of mayhem last year didn't humble her or teach her anything, she still covets men in the unrealistic way equating them to happiness."

Sharron, this is right on. The problem is no one EVER taught her how to look for and get the lesson. To quote "Bull Durham" (again)--"The world was made for those who are not cursed with self-awareness."

"Idiocracy" is beginning to look less like a movie and more like a Discovery Channel special to me the more people like this stay in the spotlight. Thank Goddess we elected a President who has his head on straight and understands the meaning of humility. The war on stupidity begins NOW.


I'd think this type of thing would be beneath her Madgesty.


I don't think anyone who would willingly date A-rod has any sort of premium on taste or class.


"For the love of forward-thinking pop, why the fuck did you squander that Timbaland and Justin Timberlake collaboration?"

Ummm, I heard that collaboration. It was called Hard Candy, and it was FUCKING TERRIBLE. I'm glad Britters told them to fuck off; she's got Bloodshy & Avant and has made Danja a household name. She doesn't need those two douchefaces.

I do agree with you though; this morbidly boring doc was just one more stop on the "We swear she's not crazy! Please buy her album for your kids!" tour.


Your blog really isn't interesting anymore. If all you're going to do is post horrible reviews on things you really aren't expected to post about, then I suggest you just stick to making entries about some '80s RnB group. This goes for pot psychology, except you haven't been amusing on that in months.


Excellent post, Rich. I could't agree more.

Jen - The Alien Spouse

Who was interviewing her? If it was that Kate Thornton, she couldn't ask a hard hitting question to save her life.


"If all you're going to do is post horrible reviews on things you really aren't expected to post about"
...sooooo, he's 'expected' to post things that, what, don't offend your delicate senses? Grow up kiddo, he's voicing his opinion in his own forum, is fully entitled to it and no one asked you to come to his blog and read it.


I'm in Australia so I haven't had a chance to see it but from your description it sounds like she's been medicated and stabilised. Worse that that though is her state of being infantilised which is often a problem for the mentally ill who have no choice but to rely on family members who may well be the strongest triggers for episodes of mental illness. I've yet to hear that she's been allowed to have control of her own affairs again in which case she is not allowed to be an adult, and until she is allowed to fuck up her own affairs again she won't have the opportunity to grow up. Catch-22: she won't be allowed to live as an adult again until she can show some maturity.

And _everyone_ must ask themselves who profits from this state of affairs?

Her agency, her sense of self and self empowerment is not allowed. No wonder she comes across as a child. She has been spiritually, mentally and emotionally beaten down by the experience of trying to escape the infantilisation of her family's control. When women are vulnerable like this they become beckons to sociopaths who know exactly how to exploit and abuse this.

Nikita Tinypaws

Some nutters posting here. Brit doesn't seem so much as mentally ill but rather just a run of the mill ding dong that can't get her shit together.

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