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I love you Rich. You are GD amazing.


Your attempt at trying to sound intelligent is overshadowed by your true love for Britney Spears. You say that it was hypocritical of her to complain about the paparazzi while complaining to a camera, but how so? She let(key word LET as opposed to being unwillingly followed)this camera follow her because she wanted to give her fans her side of the story as opposed to the media. I also noticed your constant diagnosis of what is wrong with this woman. Are you a doctor? I doubt it. I also like how you willingly watched the show and proceeded to write an essay about it afterward. Yes, you clearly love her.

Joe M

I found this post to be genuinely insightful and well-intentioned. Despite what some fucktards post here (telling someone who writes a blog for free what they should and shouldn't write about is basically holding up a sign that says "I don't get much love in my life. Please pay attention to me"), I dig your popular culture commentary. It's often spot-on.

I'm pissed that her new "I'm Sane Again" make-over is so much vague hoo-ha. A little honesty, however uncomfortable, would be revelatory. I mean, she shaved her fucking head in one of the most public freak-outs in recent memory. There's gotta be more to that than "there were bad people in my life." I don't think that being publicly open about it would be exploitive or even hurtful to her career - far from it. Who hasn't gone a little nuts during high stress periods of their life? Just be all, "Yeah, it's not a secret. I kinda went a little crazy. I was scared, confused, utterly alone. It happens. Sometimes ya gotta lose yourself to find yourself, right?", then laugh, pour some more appeltini in your tumbler and shake your head ruefully. How many people would be, "Fuck yeah."?

I hope she gets wiser as she gets older, but I don't have much hope. Age will not be kind to her, I fear. Or rather, the way she deals with late 30's and 40's will be something to see.


i browse all kindsa entertainment sites, but this piece is great. it makes me heart you (even more).

i love that you gave such a thoughtful breakdown on her/this flick when the rest of the media is split between trying to canonize her or continue the same ol' blastings. thank you for shifting focus.

for coming up with some questions people should be asking her!

Labia Minora-Majora


I LOVE YOU!!! Everything you said is exactly what I was saying when I was watching ti yesterday. Actually, I stopped watching it half way through. I couldn't stomach her stuooooopidity anymore...


Meanad,I totally agree with your comments, BUT, she needs to be medicated. Did you see her without her meds? She and her kids were in danger. I think alot of her infantalism comes from her at at a young age, having people make decisions for her, being whored out by her parents, and being surrounded by YES people. She is like a little Princess who always got her way.

I did not watch the doc, because I feel sorry for her, but to be honest, I am glad that someone is watching over her, maybe she can take baby steps and show some maturity, do something outside herself. I don't know.

Britney crazies, please just back off.



PS. I just wanted to add, if she would willingly TAKE her meds, then no need for the constant monitoring.


Documentary and all opinions on her mental development aside...

Trouble is my jam!


I totally knew you were going to make that face as the gif wall!


You just listed out all the reasons why I was dissatisfied with this doc. So Britney's willing to get back on track and have us giver her our money again, but she's not willing to say anything about the past year besides, "That was a dark period." Yes, we can see that. Her whole dismissal of her state of mind and people's questions over it is just so frustrating.


I love when people think that just by saying they're smart, that makes it true. No Britney - you're insane, end of story. Maybe her dad taught her lessons ala Arrested Development, except using a one-armed man he dressed up as that scary fucking clown?


I thought the saddest part was where she said, "There's a lot at stake. I realize that."

To me, that's the tragic part. That somehow her "advisers" have talked the CA courts into putting her in the custody of her father. How many people do you know who are bipolar, or promiscuous, or just run through a lot of money and act crazy? And how many have to let their parents move into their house and tell them what to do? Was this an alternative to being committed? What did she do that was so dangerous that a court would agree to this? I don't think we've gotten to the bottom of this story yet. Where is Gloria Allred when we need her? It seems like a civil rights case to me. Her ex-husband and her father have all the power while she has to foot the bill.



to all the crazies ragging on Rich for posting his opinion. omg shut up. I refused to watch this because I think Briney should have retired at 19. She's a horrible mother and actually calls paparazzi to tell them where she'll be.

Rich commented on a train wreck, and it was funny. Thanks Rich, keep it coming.

this is not funny. it sucks. you have been a britney hater since day one and you thrive on bringing her and her fans down. it's pathetic that idiots like you actually DO watch this stuff just to talk about how much it sucks. waste your time much? get a fucking life. if it were anyone else you'd probably be praising it.


wow...the britney stans are actually crazier than she is. wtf?! what is it that make some people want to worship an empty shell?? what makes people identify with britney on such a level where they feel that they have to curse anyone out who has an opinion different then their own?? or even worse, someone who speaks the truth about their beloved idol? that's what there needs to be a documentary on, seriously. britney crazies, beyonce stans and brangeloonies.

spot on post, rich. i couldn't be bothered to watch--she was more entertaining when she was off her meds. nothing will top her "blackout."


The thing with Britney is that she grew up with cameras. I mean, with Star Search, then Mickey Mouse Club, then debuting as a solo singer at what, 16?...and then becoming so intricately a part of pop culture and media. So for her to want something so idyllic as privacy is certainly understandable, although she most likely has a skewed viewpoint of what that is, at this point.

I really agree with all your points. Honestly, at this point, Britney's parents should just seriously pull her out of the spotlight and move somewhere (without announcing it to the world WHERE, hopefully) where she can recuperate fully, reconnect with her family and friends, and really understand what it means to be a human being again. I find it incomprehensible how her parents are agreeable to have her crank out song after song, album after album, when she's clearly not right in the head. Like, how did complaining about your life become the best way to promote an album? And if you're complaining about life while you're promoting an album, shouldn't that say something clear and obvious to the parents?? That's assuming, of course, that they would care more about their child than their child's income. :T It boggles my mind how people think Britney will be absolutely fine in less than a year after all that's she's gone through in what she calls life and I'd call Hollywood Hell.

Shouldn't her health (mental, emotional, physical, all elements) come before her fame?


One of the most bizarre things to me, is that someone is being paid to give her those bad weaves. ALL OF HER WIGS HAVE ROOTS. It's all about trash!

The fact that her stylist can't even get her some decent fake hair really speaks to some ~amazing~ undermining. It doesn't help that she is certainly unbalanced.


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Britney is a classic case of a trauma based mind control victim. She has been under the control by the Disney Corp since she was a child, who are involved with Project Monarch/CIA/MKULTRA. The reason she was beginning to freak out is that her programming was beginning to breakdown and she was starting to realize how deeply she has been victimized and controlled. The programming begins to break down from the mid 20's to early 30's. Do your own research.

You are right Rich "She's a person who's seen and been through so much real-life shit, yet still processes it on a little-girl level." it's called compartmentalizing... that's why she would speak with a British Accent or shave her hair off or even write 666 on her head... or whatever research it... google it for gods sake..

Dennis N.

Top Honors to Maenad's and Joe M's comments. Such openness about past blunders, like Joe M mentioned, is what I like to term the "Lily Allen approach." Girlfriend gets routinely trashed and insults her famous friends in public. But then a week or so later, she apologizes on her MySpace with such refreshing openness. She's all like, "yeah, I was drunk. I got angry. I've stressed about such and such, and I shouldn't have done it." Perfect.

Brb, headin' over to


Funny to describe what Britney does as a "job". Think of the interview - Q. Blonde? A. Most of the time...Q. Can you lipsynch? A. Ya. If I know the words....Q. Why should we hire you? A. Cuz I'm Britney - er - bitch. Do you guys offer onsite daycare?




hey - this is being quoted on an MTV Canada show called "The After Show"!!!


love this article! Rich is just always great! :)


your questions are priceless! I want to print them and let my friends ask them for her :D

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